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EASY DIY canvas art with plastic animals

This cute DIY canvas art with plastic animals is such a great and simple idea! Mini canvas art like this is perfect for a nursery, children’ room, or craft studio. You can see the project in five easy steps.skills Required: Advanced beginner. Not to paint it’s difficult for canvases, but you're going to need to cut your mini-animals. If you would like to do that the children of this project, you’ll help. I’ll inform you about the details below.

Hello to all! This is Megan from homemade Ginger and I’m so excited that we rock a post for the Mod-hodgepodge. I have a really fun and playful mini-canvas-art-project today to share with all of you. It is the plastic animals, which is pretty fun.This DIY canvas art project is perfect for a nursery or kid’s room and would also be a great gift idea! All the materials to make the screens with mini-animals were very inexpensive and I absolutely love you.Mini-canvas-artIf you’re wondering what we mean by “mini” screens used in this project, a 5″ x 5″. You could probably go a little smaller if you wanted to (either 4″ square or 3″ square), but I recommend t wouldn’, much bigger, unless you go to several plastic animals on a canvas.That’s always an option, if you can’t small screens – find; get a larger canvas and the line that the animals in a grid, as a kind of sample type. That would be a fun project as well!
Cut plastic-animalsI used a heat knife for this project, which cuts a lot of stuff very easily, including craft foam. I love mine and use it all the time!If you don’t have to have a heat-knife (and a lot of people don’t) then you’re going to leave you on a little arm strength to cut the plastic animals.I recommend to cut it with a knife or saw you by the animals! Most of them (including the one I used) are not hollow like in the middle, so it’s not as hard as it is.However, it takes a minute.Please be careful and protect your fingers! This project is’t lose a limb 😀 h2 id="mce_23">plastic-animal-cute-canvas-artCollect These SuppliesMod hodgepodge gloss acrylic paint – white for the first coat; other colors of your choice for painting plastic animal canvases (I have 5 x 5 inch)Heat knife or utility knife super glue step OneStart by cutting your animals in half. I have Tree with Dollar. I was lucky to find that there was something bigger than the usual small. Cut in half, I used a heat knife. As I mentioned above, you can also use a utility knife or saw. step TwoThis is probably optional, but I decided to paint a layer of white primer on my animals. I thought it would save me from a couple of layers of acrylic paint on the road, and he did it. There is also the neon colors makes it a little bit brighter! step ThreeOnce the primer is dry, paint your animals, and canvases with acrylic paint. My animals all over the three layers and canvases needed about two layers. To make that faster, I have to reduce a Hairdryer in between layers on the drying time!This is where you have fun and get creative with your mini-canvas type: use boy colors, light pastel shades for girls or neons. Anything goes! I painted the edges of the canvases, on the contrary (but coordinating) colors to make it even more interesting and fun! step FourOnce everything is dry, use a small bead of super-glue (or something else that provides a tight connection) connect your plastic animals in the center of the screen. I decided to give everything a layer of glossy Mod-hodgepodge, so that the mini-animals and screens, both had the same shiny surface.you can skip this step, but it seals the color on the screens, so I can only recommend it. If you want to see don’t Shine, feel free to go to, matt or satin. step FiveHang and enjoy! You can hook this hang with a regular image, if you count the screens, which put the saw tooth hanger on the back (you can also).My personal choice for the hanging command picture strips. Nothing shows, and then I can easily remove them from the wall at a later time, if I want to change out the art.I love it how these animal canvases look in my daughter’s nursery. I’m viewing, with the rear end of the animals, to even more screens.I’m also glad that I painted the edges of my mini-canvas art in different colors. It just adds a little something extra and looks fantastic in person. I hope you will try your own version of this DIY-canvas-art. What you – think; would you like a mini-animals on your wall? Let me know in the commentsknow!br>

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