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Easter Mason jars, the look Like hares

If you’re looking for a cute table or shelf decoration, Easter mason jars are perfect. These rabbits can also get candy and make good gifts!

If you’re looking for a cute Easter table or shelf decoration, Easter mason jars are a great project for an afternoon or small.
With only a few supplies and a cute pom, and a simple mason jar into a cute bunny. These Easter mason jars are perfect for holding candy or even a fun alternative to the traditional Easter baskets (maybe a neighbor gift?). There are really a ton of uses! Let’s go.

Easter Mason Jars
Collect These Supplies

Mason Jar (or other recycled glass jars)
Tissue paper
Mod hodgepodge gloss
Pom Poms

Take the lid of the jars and wipe them with a cloth. Brush a thin layer of Mod smorgasbord on the inside.
Rip the tissue paper into medium-sized pieces. Glue them to the inside of the glass and then brush on a thin layer on the top. Let it dry overnight or until the Mod smorgasbord is completely dry.
you Stick a pom-direction on the bottom of the glass.
Cut out paper Bunny ears and a slit at the bottom. Fold the slot and the wedge at the top of the jar. You can also attach the rabbit ears to the inside of the glass, then fold the rest.
Now looks in the glass like little Bunny! Fill your Easter mason jars with flowers, candy or colored eggs.

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