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Easter crafts for Kids: Bunny canvas

This cute bunny can be made on canvas in any color and is perfect for using up leftover tissue paper. It’s a great Easter crafts for kids!

all of these When I was little, we didn’t, crafts for Easter, which is a lot. I think it was’t “one thing” then? I don’t know – but I have the feeling that I was completely pom poms and pastel-colored tissue deprived of paper! I’m just kidding actually . . . but really, I didn’t do much for Easter, crafts for kids, when I was a kid.
Maybe a Bunny using cotton balls and glue or something. This simple decoupage project, take the cotton ball Bunny up a notch! If you are tinkering on the search for a fun Easter for kids, this Bunny canvas is for you.
Grab a bit of tissue-paper, paint, Mod smorgasbord . . and you’ll get to have these pom poms I was deprived of. Learn how to do it below!
Easter crafts for Kids: Bunny canvas
Collect These Supplies

Canvas – 8 x 10 or 9 x 12
Mod hodgepodge rivets for children
Apple Barrel in color – Parakeet
White tissue paper
Bunny silhouette (you only Google a can)
craft glue

Paint your canvas with multiple layers of paint and allow to dry.
Print the bunny silhouette to fit your canvas – a sitting bunny works perfectly for this purpose.
Cut the bunny silhouette and trace around the edge with a pencil directly on the painted canvas.
cut several small squares of white tissue paper. Take a square of tissue paper and wrap it around the eraser end of the pencil. Pour some of the Mod collection on a pallet or a piece of paper and dip your tissue-paper/pencil in the Mod-smorgasbord.
Press the tissue paper down on the canvas, within the boundaries of the bunny silhouette. Drag the pencil and you should let the tissue paper behind.
you Keep adding tissue paper in the same manner, until the entire bunny silhouette filled. You’ll see if there are any areas that need to be filled in, if you stand back a little.
glue pom poms where the nose, eyes and tail should go with craft glue.
hang up, Then our bunny canvas! Now I’m excited always . . . because I’m wondering what other silhouette art I can make with the fabric.
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