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Duck Tape DIY Trick or Treat bag-Two ways!

Learn how to use this SIMPLE DIY trick or treat bag – two-way – with Duck Tape! One of the versions is glow in the dark!

Are you ready for a super simple craft for Halloween – the kids are going to love – and you will love it as well? Try this DIY trick or treat bag made from a recycled surface and brand Duck Duck Tape! It all started when I discovered that it is Glow in the dark Duck Tape:
And while you may think that the picture is manipulated to make it look great while it lights up barely in person, this could not be further from the truth. I Happen to have left a roll of this tape in the car, while running errands in the sun.
This baby LIGHTS up, and strong! I knew I’d have to have a trick or treat bag out of it with a leftover black fabric bag that I already have in my stash. I took a ghost-pattern, but then also decided to show you how to make a jack o’ lantern on the other side.
; m provides the printables for both of them, for free, I’ll let you decide what tickles your fancy. Learn how to make a DIY trick or treat bag in a few minutes!
DIY Trick or Treat bag
Collect These Supplies

the food business, or other cloth bag
Duck tape – Black, Glow in the dark, Neon-Orange
Printable templates – ghost or jack o’ lantern
wax paper
Fiskars Duck Edition scissors

the First step you have to select the bag of your choice. It doesn’t have to be cloth and it doesn’t have to be black, that’s just what I used. I cut out of black Duck Tape and put it vertically on both sides of the bag, to cover up the designs.
I printed the pumpkin template and set it aside – don’t forget the face!
Do the same with the spirit.
Now this is a funny little trick, I think, to enjoy you’re going! Place strips of Duck Tape (glow in the dark in this case) down, on waxed paper, slightly overlapping. Use the mind-body template to cut out the shape from the tape /wax paper.
Do the same with the pumpkin.
What you’ve actually do is create a sticker of your Duck Tape. You can now pull the tape from the wax paper!
Peel and stick to the bag! Do the same with the eyes, the mind and the face for the jack o’ - lantern. Fun, right?
you Admire your handiwork . . .
and admire the glow! This is a picture I took with my cell phone – uncut – after the bag is charged (bright) sun for a few minutes. Cool, right?
Are you ready to make your own DIY trick or treat bag using Duck Tape? Let me know in the commentsknow!br>disclosure: I am working with duck brand Ambassador for the year. While I was compensated'm for my time, all opinions are 100% my own and honest – I love Duck Tape!

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