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Dollar Store Fabric Covered Apples

Dollar store apples and turn them into fabric apples-to-Mod-hodgepodge! Choose your favorite to personalize the materials in your favorite colors.

Hey Mod hodgepodge Rocker! I’m Rachel from Sprinkle Some fun and I'm SUPER excited to share blogging here is my fabric apples.
Amy is the sweetest and your blog is just great - you should be synchronized, the Mod-hodgepodge Queen! That is why I was immediately excited when she told me she loved these little apples, the host I made and was ready to me as your guest blogger.
So, without further ADO, I present to you . . . dappled apples!
Are these not the sweetest apples you've ever seen? They are so easy to make and super economical. My favorite kind of craft . . . Cheap and easy!
These little apples make a big statement. I went with bright colors (cause that’s how I roll), but these can easily be customized and any color scheme, it fits.
so you want to know the genius behind apples, eh (did I forget to mention that a guest blogger has swelled my ego a bit)? Well, genius or not . . . here it is . . .
cloth Covered Apple decor
What you need for this project:

Mod hodgepodge gloss
Styrofoam apples or Styrofoam apple ornaments (got mine from Dollar Tree)
fabric scraps
Twirly straws (the hard plastic kind)
hot glue

Let’s with the ornament. This is the before of my apple. It has small clear beads glued to the top - so with my hands, I scratched you. Caution: this is very messy!
This is what the apple looked like without the beads. This worries me a bit… but it is to come to better things! I also took the stem, because it didn’t match my fabric, but they will let you in, if you with your color scheme.
next, I took the stalks of the straw and cut the ends about an inch.
imagine I put to ignore the straw in my apple, and secured with hot glue (the fact that the finished project – only that it is without the cloth).
Now comes the fun part. You take scraps of your fabric, and start cutting it into 1 to 1 1/2 inch pieces. You need about 20 of them to cover your apple depending on the size.
if you have enough fabric, start painting Mod smorgasbord on the back of a piece. Put the piece where you want it to press on your apple then you and you smooth out the piece.
Repeat this process with the other pieces until your apple is covered. After it has had time to dry for about 30 minutes to paint the whole apple with a generous layer of Mod smorgasbord.
If dry, add a small leaf with a little hot glue and you’ll have a Spotted Apple!
I have those apples on display shelves (right next to photos of the real “the apples of my eye”). It would also look great in a small glass bowl, on a wreath, or just about anywhere a whimsical pop need color!
Many thanks to Amy and everyone at this Mod conglomeration of rocks, a party for the let me share with you today! You can check to Spread out my other fun tutorials to have fun. Love to create!

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