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Dollar Store DIY night light Makeover

It is a DIY night-light retrofit used a dollar store, along with a Mod collection and tissue paper! So a fun-house-decor makeover for a small price.

If anybody knows me, they know Tree my love for the Dollar. I finally got it on my blog and every time I go there to find, I seem to be another gem. As I was surfing the other day, I came across some push-night-lights into cute shapes.
My daughter was a night need light, and I had a light bulb moment! Why don't you take this little plastic push light and give it a makeover with a few craft materials I already have on hand? And a DIY night-light for only $1? You can go’t really go wrong.
I want to go to attack, the other forms and make you more now that I’is ve completed this. I was girly, but you could easily change this small project for a boy. Maybe some white spray paint and a blue tissue paper use-paper for a nursery? The possibilities are endless!

Dollar Store DIY night-light
For this project you will need:

Mod smorgasbord of Hard Coat (or original formula)
Tissue paper
Spray paint

Grab a push light from Dollar Tree, Target, Walmart, or wherever else you can find.
Use painter’to cover s-Band, the light, but leave the edges exposed.
Give your light a couple of layers of spray-paint. I chose the gold, of course!
layers Begin on the tissue paper with Mod-smorgasbord.
After you’ve added a few layers, top it off with a final layer of Mod-smorgasbord.
Use your sharpie to make a pattern on the light as soon as it’s is completely dry, or just leave it as it is!
It looks sweet enough during the day, you can be on a one-night stand.
And it makes a pretty design when it’s lights in the night.
Go on, make yourself a DIY night-light (or a bundle) today!!
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