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Doily wall art the Easy way, On a budget!

doilies are’t just for sitting on the table under a teacup – turn them into doily wall art using Mod patchwork, scrapbook paper and canvases.

I’ve been wanting to doily wall art for a long time, especially after I saw this doily art by my friend Jen. My only problem was that I was using didn’t have all the old doilies, and I want to didn’t, white. So I had to wait to get in the perfect situation, and it did!I have the colored doilies found in the $1 bin at Michaels last week. Then I found the perfect paper to match in the scrapbooking aisle. My doily art was born. Here’s how to decoupage your own.Crochet-wall-artCollect These Supplies12″ x 12″ screens$1 doiliesMod hodgepodge Satin and Mod patchwork fabric folkart paint – the sky is Blue, Turner’s-Yellow (or coordinating colors)Scrapbook paper – I used Making Memories spring paperCraft knife and matPaintbrush
Here are the screens I use for my doily art. You can usually get a “two-fer” pack this reduced the price a little. Here are the doilies are. Are you looking for in these plastic 1 bags in the $section. Why I supplied pictures of my? I know don’t. The paper sheets were 12″ x 12″, the same size as the canvas. I wanted to take a little, so that you could see the color around the edges of the canvases, so I reduced to 11.5″ square. Set aside. Paint the edges of the canvases with your matched colors. Be more layers and allow to drylet Dump Mod-smorgasbord in the center of the screen. No, seriously!!! To want you’re going, a medium layer of Mod collection and it dries quickly, so that you can a lot of about it and start spreading. you have to work quickly, on your doily wall art, and get the corners well. Tip: you should probably use a larger brush. It will help you to smoother, faster. You put the paper down and smooth thoroughly – wipe out Mod hodgepodge that comes out of the edges.The canvas is very flexible, so I always turn the canvas over and smooth on the back as well. Let it dry for 15 – 20 minutes. Your doily wall art is also done on the way. Repeat with your second canvas. Decoupage over the edge of your paper; coat the sides of the canvas as well. Let them dry and then give a second coat. Let dry. I have my big Mod hodgepodge of fabric to add dots here and there on the doily. I didn’t coat the whole thing with the Mod-hodgepodge, just areas, especially around the edges as they curl. I put the doily on the canvas and then rolled it with my brayer to stick to it. You’ll find the Mod-hodgepodge through the doily, but don’t worry – it will dry clear. Do you allow your doily art -  out to dry for a few hours before you hang.
you Put your doily wall art in a special place. I love my new wall decor, and it’s perfect for the spring! The doily one came in pink or purple, so head to Michaels and get your doily.

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