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DIY clipboard with Mod-hodgepodge - Great gift idea

This DIY clipboard is so easy! This tutorial will show you how it’s done with Mod-smorgasbord – and it makes a good teacher’s gift.
Let’s be honest – you could be a brown, boring clipboard – or you could be a little cooler quite a bit. Basic brown doesn’t work for me, so in this post I’ have to teach;ll you how to make a DIY clipboard. I had a teacher in the sense, if I were you: my mother!
for years . . . and wouldn’t make a great gift idea for a teacher? To decoupage it’s hard-to-clipboard, so if you are a beginning Mod Podger, you might want to. Here’s how I did it.
Collect These Supplies

clipboard – online and available at craft stores, but the store might get lucky and find it in a thrift (I’ve seen them there)
Mod hodgepodge gloss
FolkArt acrylic paint – Sky Blue
Spray paint
Scrapbook-paper – I used K & Company
gift ribbon, and other decorations
craft glue
utility knife
scissors – for the trim,
Brayer (optional)

brown clipboard. Boring. I think I fell asleep just to look at it.
of the hardware (it’s easy to Remove, there are screws on the back) and spray paint it. This will give you a smooth layer on the metal. allow it to dry.
you Paint the wooden part of the clipboard with acrylic paint. You give both sides of the Board is multiple layers and allow to dry.
While the clipboard is drying, measure and cut the paper. I used to seam two sheets with the intention of creating one in the middle.
Add a medium layer of decoupage. Too much is better than not enough.
Use a brayer or your hands to flatten completely the paper down – wipe out Mod collection that expresses the page. Let the paper dry for 15 minutes at least, then coat the entire Board with two coats of Mod-smorgasbord.
Re-attach the clip and add embellishments (such as letters and ribbon) with craft glue. Let everything dry.
I tied ribbon at the top of my DIY clipboard – and the funny little sticker is a mood spinner. Hahaha! Fun, isn't it?

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