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DIY Woodgrain lamp with a stencil

To decorate, use the new Mod collection rocks stencils the lamp with a woodgrain pattern! This would fit in with styles in a variety of decor.

There are a couple of crafting world-trends, not to get the I’m about: deer, moustaches, to name just a few . . . and woodgrain. I know that some of you with me on this.
So, if I came up with the designs for the new Mod conglomeration of rocks stencils, I knew I had to have a woodgrain pattern. And that’s exactly what I did.
What I had in mind for this particular stencil home decor projects, so my first was to renew a lamp.
you can find great lamps at target and IKEA, among other places. Here’s how to this DIY woodgrain lamp!
Collect These Supplies

lamp with fabric shade – make sure it is square or perfectly round; you want to don’t that there is a different size on top than on the bottom
Mod hodgepodge gloss
Mod conglomeration of rocks stencils – Woodgrain
Glitter in the color of your choice

Here’s the lamp that I used. It had a beautiful square in the shadow – and the fabric also. These templates work on fabric nuances, but also the glass!
you Apply the stencil to one side of the lamp (it took two, template width via) and spounce Mod hodgepodge on the surface. To make sure to have enough. Peel the stencil.
Quickly sprinkle the Mod-smorgasbord on the Shine, before the Mod-dries hodgepodge. AND . . . place a piece of paper down while you do this, catch the glitter. You’ll want to use it again (not wasting!).
Shake the glitter off onto the paper and let it dry. I washed off my stencil between each repeat, and put the glitter back in the container. It’s some drying time involved, but wait, you don’t have to. The project doesn’t take that long, if you subtract drying time. Just plan on other things!
Even if the glitter is dry, brush the excess before you repeat the stencil. Work your way around the lamp and you're done!
What do you think? I love the glitter. I think that this lamp fits into any style of decor! Change the glitter color that fits your personality. Woo!

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