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DIY wood stockings for your Christmas mantle

Learn how to make socks and stockings, wooden Christmas, can be hung on the mantel or as a planter outside. Perfect holiday mantle decor!

I’m a big fan of stirring things up now and again – do the types of projects that you might not expect, especially when it comes to the holidays. Don’t get me wrong: I love the standard Christmas decoration – glitterizing ornaments, Mod Podging wreaths, etc. But I also like to try the projects I’ve never done that before.wooden Christmas stockingswoodworking is not on my list of strengths. It’s really only the last couple of years, I’ve tried to, projects that more than just a brush and some paint, and these wooden-Christmas stockings one of these projects!I love this wooden Christmas stockings because they are a twist on a classic, made with plywood and with a small, wooden box in the front where you can stash your Goodies.
How I'm learning to these fun stockings? From one class to The Home Depot called, Self-Workshops.they are ideal for anyone who wants the skills and self-confidence, a do-it-yourselfers. I received instructions on how to build, wood stocking holders, and I’m excited to show you how you can do it today!DIY stockingsCollect These Supplies1 – 24″ x 48″ x 1/2″ ground plywood1 – piece of 1″ x 4″ x 6′ pine board1-lb. pack #15 x 1 1/2″ 4D bright finish steel nails8 oz. Bottle-wood-glueSteel saw tooth ring hanger jigsaw table or circular sawHammer or nail gunTape measure or yardstick pencil clamp sanding block safety goggles painter’s tape (optional)the color of the stockings, spray paint, acrylic, blackboard paint, spouncer, paint brush sparkle Mod smorgasbord of bling (optional) Start by measuring your pattern. You’re going to use a pencil and tape measure, mark a grid of 6-by-6-inch squares on the sanded plywood. Next, you’re going to freehand your pattern. Use the grid as a guide; draw two sock shapes (fit you best if you draw an upside-down, and the other on the right above).As an estimate, which is the neck of the stocking is 1 grid wide, the length is 3 grid squares long, and the foot is about 2 grid squares wide at the bottom. I encourage you to get creative here! Use a jig saw to cut out the stocking shapes! One thing we always do is to use painter’s is to reduce the Band over the top of the design, the likelihood of splintering the wood.The Band is thin enough for you to see the pencil lines, so that you can cut that way or just trace the pencil lines over the top with a Sharpie (we’ll leave that up to you!). Now that your stockings are cut, cut them out of the boxes as well. You’ll find4 side panels, 3.5 inch long2 the bottom of the piece, 4.5 inches long2 front you will need:-piece, 6 cm long. you can Mount the boxes by the application of the wood glue the bottom piece and add the pages. Nail in place, and insert the front piece with glue. Nail in place as well. Repeat with the second box. The next step is the color of your stockings. I didn’t want to glue or staple the boxes to the one on the back of the stockings, because I had a polka dot theme in mind, which would lead to the easiest to with no box in the way!I spray painted the stocking and the box white, and then added that multi-colored polka dots to the stocking with the spouncer. Then I paint the panel to the top of the stocking, the front and back of the toe and the front of the box.I want to encourage you to come up with a painting with your decor! you’ll attach the boxes to the stockings with a nail gun – you also can easy strong wood use really glue, but we wanted to be sure the boxes in the security. Then add a saw tooth hanger on the back, both of which are associated with the stockings too.
’s all there is to it! We decided to use our wooden Christmas stockings, pet-themed, add chalkboard paint, so we couldmessages and designs to write on the fronts and bandsI love that you can use not only within, but also outside of the planter. (You’ll be the panel want to miss out, and you can use an outdoor polyurethane to protect you, if you choose that route.)If you love the wooden stockings, the hear I’d love to in the comments! I also think that you’ll like these other Christmas-decor-projects from the blog:wood slice Christmas card magnet painted Christmas block of wood snowman Advent calendar chalkboard wood Christmas trees

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