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DIY wine glass markers with Dimensional Magic

To make use of Dimensional Magic, personalized wine glass markers are disposable when the party cover! These stickers are SO easy.

Hello my crafty friends! This is Nikki from whimsy, love, supply you a super easy project that will bring your holiday table-setup-over-the-top.
When it comes to special occasions, it’s the small details that mean the most to me. And these stick-on monogram letters are just that.
you serve as a “place card” show your guests where to sit at the table, AND as a drink Marker, so no one gets their drinky-drinks mixed, if it happens a certain amount of mixing in your party.

DIY wine glass markers
The inventories are simple.
you need:

Mod hodgepodge Dimensional Magic glitter gold or silver (I gold)
A smooth, pore-free surface, the three-Dimensional magic (I used a clear plastic food-storage bag, but I would also film trust clear plastic.)

returns OPTIONAL:

the letters printed in a fancy font of your choice (I used a font called Sacramento.)
scissors to cut out the printed letters

The first thing you’ll want to do is make your letters. If you’re comfortable you doodling on your own, then go for it!
I guess a visual guide, so I cut out the printed letters & put them under the clear plastic bag. By using the Dimensional magic, you can press the bottle & trace the letters.
If you’ve ever covered a cake, it’s a bit like. If you’ve NEVER decorated a cake, don’t fret.
you Hold the bottle over your surface & squeeze instructions on the bottle along. The most important point is to not let the tip of the bottle touch your work surface, & move in a smooth, steady pace.
If you make a mistake, just wipe it with a paper-towel - & start over!
the letters are dry, When, gently peel it away from the plastic. You’ll know that you’re dry, because: 1) you go from a milky color with a clear, sparkling appearance; and 2) the letters easily from the plastic. Are gluing the letters, you’re not dry. My letters were a good six hours to completely dry.
All that’s to do is to glue the letters on your glasses. No need for a type of glue. You will make your own stay on!
(Don’t forget to cancel your wine glass Marker after the party is over.)
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