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DIY wine Charms with Free Printable

You will never lose your glass at a party again! These DIY wine charms with Podgeable shapes, a free printable, and decoupage medium.

Hi! It’s husband, David Podger from Cheltenham Road and I have a confession (and a guide).
. I sat him down to talk and then . . . .who knows what will happen. . . .
So, as a gift for a few friends of mine (and so you’ll hold the invitation in spite of my absent-mindedness) I wanted to make some DIY wine charms. I discovered that the Mod-hodgepodge makes something called Podgeable shapes, and bingo: it was a plan born.
Since we are all ex-pat New Yorker, so I thought I’d go with a fun NYC subway art graphics. I have the designs – size to fit the Podgeables and included it here for a free download.
For this project I used:

DIY wine charm

Mod hodgepodge Podgeable shapes
Matt Mod hotchpotch
Hard layer of Mod hotchpotch
Print retro-metro-art-graphics (download below).
foam brush
Sharp craft knife

Super easy it is really the only way to describe this. I printed me the designs with a laser printer and cut them with a pair of scissors.
next, spread a thin layer of Mod smorgasbord on the back of the Podgeable shape and a further thin layer on the front side of the graphic.

I have the paper to the Form and used my fingers to squeeze out all the air bubbles. The paper moved around a little, but to move it’s easy to get back to her place, before it is to dry aside.
you will see a little blotchy or blurry, to dry thoroughly.
, Once they were dry I cut off the excess paper with my craft knife and add a little extra protection against moisture, I coated the back side of the paper with a Hard layer of Mod smorgasbord.
I just would some picture wire to attach it to my glasses, but if you’re so inclined, a quick trip to the jewelry section of the craft store, used to bring an even more elegant solution.
This should me mentioned help with my problem (if I’invited m, always)
As I mentioned, I’ve made a couple of downloadable arc, you could use if you wanted to complete this project.
Here is the black version, the’s shown in the pictures (you should be able to click on the image to the full size and then right-click to download it to your computer – pressure in the actual size).

I thought that you talk to maybe a reverse version could be so here's a black and white approach:

And finally, in the case of the NY subway’t your thing, here are some blank so you could fill in your own text, if you’d like (the font I used is called “Sugo” and’s available for free www.dafont.com)

Let's get this party started!
And if you enjoyed this DIY wine charms, please note the following my (admittedly sporadic) blog or swing by my Etsy shop, what I’ve come up with other creations.
Thank you!
NOTE: The Podgeable shapes-package comes with 18 forms, which, however, only six of the additional small hole at the top, as I used it here.
you can either save the other for some other project, or with an electric drill and a small bit of drill-down by creating a hole for the fastening of the wire. I've tried it and it worked just fine.
My advice is, put a piece of masking tape where you want to go in the hole, and you drill through that. This prevents the formation of cracks. Also make sure you keep the shape to the bottom or it will only drill to the spiders.

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