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DIY-to Save the factory Stand with craft Supplies

You can make a DIY plant stand for the spring or summer with this simple tutorial! Just use paint, wood rings and wooden balls from the craft store.
What are you asking?
it is on plants for this one!! Yes, I made these DIY plant stands with I powered on the handle and some new Krylon spray paint, Dual paint and primer. And, of course . . . Mod-Smorgasbord.
It’s super simple to make, a DIY work stand. I like them for outside plants, because they are cute. Let’s just be honest. I might want to with small clay bowls, but I don’t.
you don't want to, either . . . and you may want some smaller or larger versions to dress up your garden. If you do, it’s really easy.
DIY factory
Collect These Supplies

Krylon Dual Paint and Primer – True Blue and Ivy Leaf
Mod hodgepodge Outdoor
6″ wood-flowers-and craft rings
1″ wooden balls – 3 per ring
a little spray paint on

Here are the goodies are. This tutorial is so easy for you. You don’t need to be an expert to do the crafter, this, by all means!br>-Spray paint the rings with several layers.
Spray paint the balls with several layers. I used a small brush to keep them (they had holes). Grill skewers and a Styrofoam block is also good for this purpose.
The spray paint is indoor/outdoor, but Mod-smorgasbord in the Free offer that additional protection.
Plus you can use it to stick the balls (and it’s waterproof). Let it all dry.
to Wait about 24 hours before your plants! I Love You. What a great display, on my terrace or Veranda.
I’m so happy with them! A DIY plant stand, adds a bright and cheerful touch to my porch. You can a few or a whole bunch in different colors. What do you think? Let me know in the commentsknow!br>

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