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DIY Christmas ornaments with Rit dye

I wanted to make some holiday decorations that were a bit different so I made this DIY Christmas ornaments with Mod smorgasbord and Rit dye.
“Back in the day”, which I used to buy sheets from the thrift, bleach (the beasts of) and then re-dyeing. I know, it’s funny. But I was in school, and we do strange things in the school.
I haven’t a colour used fabric a lot since then, but writing for this blog, and led me into the wonderful world of dye in the craft. Rit dye and Mod hodgepodge together random pretty good.
I was recently sent a gi to play mongoose box of Rit dye, so I started my journey after dyeing away for the second time in my life..
The DIY Christmas decorations up the fruits of my labour, and not to say I’m glad that this photo, edited the photo. The colors really *are* that bright. And you know how I love bright colors.
they are a little different for ornaments, but I wouldn’t be afraid, you are on my tree. If you want to know more about my dyeing party (attendance: 1).
to Collect These Supplies

Rit dye in colors of your choice
wooden embroidery hoops
fabric scraps
Mod hodgepodge gloss
craft glue
paper flowers
- scissors
plastic container for mixing
tablespoon spoon, and

First things first – I used the online ColorRit Color Formula guide to find out what colors I was going to. I’t use it directly from the bottle. I went directly for the blues, some teals.
Here’s the pile of fabric scraps that I went to, just depending on what random one I found.
time to my little dye recipe. In this pic I’m mix for a lighter version of Wine (I added Tangerine). I also do a little bit of salt to make the dye . . to . . . what is it with the salt. It said on the bottle, add a little salt for cotton, so I did it.
I added boiled water to the dye and stirred.
I dipped my embroidery tire and let them stay there for a bit (10 min or so). Isn’t it fun-you can use fabric color wood? The wood took the dye very well.
I made a few different colors and did the same with my fabric scraps. Here are some of the fabrics are overdyed in blue. I was know-how’t what I used to do – justexperiment really.br> Here’s the aftermath (the drying). Some of the colors worked, and some of them just didn’t (the materials already a color, so it was hit and miss). I let everything dry.
I Then Mod Podged the scraps to make them stiffer. I think you don’t have to do this, but I always have the Mod hodgepodge of everything. I also have the feeling, it protects the fabric against dirt and lose color. Let dry.
Set the fabric in the Hoop and cut off the excess. I love my orange pants, BTW. They are too big for me, but I love you!
Add some fun-Band.
And if you are so inclined, add flowers with glue.
you – really bright, really fun DIY Christmas decorations. You can't your colors, but there are so many shades of Rit Dye, you’t go wrong!

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