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DIY wall Organizer for Those with Limited space - Mod-hodgepodge rock

You can create this simple DIY wall organizer with boxes from the craft store, paper and Mod-hodgepodge! The best part is that it was made on a budget!

If You said Podger David, and he I knew decoupaged this DIY organizer for his girlfriend Aimee, it had to be big. Amy’s (or Aimee’s or Girlfriend’s) accept only the best quality and the best taste.
This is generally known. Also, the fact that David is amazing is generally known, so no surprise on how great this project is – I’ll let him tell you how it’s done.

explained My friend Aimee that 2013 is the year of The organization!
you start with your work Desk and you travel on a small budget. Your space is limited, and asked me to do a little DIY wall organizer where you could keep your keys, business cards and paper clips within easy reach.
I recently had some small boxes in the $1 bin at Michaels (actually $1.50) and thought they might work well if we gussied them up a bit. discovered So I gathered a few simple tools and supplies and went to work. I have create the following items for this DIY organizer:


boxes of Michaels
Matt Mod hotchpotch
Scrapbook paper
A piece of scrap wood for the supporters,
Crafts and
the 3M command strip paint, cut in small pieces (not pictured)
An old candle
Drill (a simple screwdriver works well)
utility knife

First off, I removed and buttons and elastic ribbons from the boxes. I set aside the controller, but threw in the elastic.
I cut my scrap book paper to the appropriate width for each box and attached all the way (the back is never seen, of course, but it just seemed easier the whole).
While drying I painted the controller with my white craft paint and applied the first layer of color on the scrap wood support.
After the first layer of paint dried was to create I rubbed my candle at the edges of a barrier.
and then painted over the whole thing with my white craft paint (the paint does not adhere to the candle wax).
If the second layer of the dried color, I went back to my grinding to give paper and sanded away, it is a rough, two-tone look.
My little boxes were now thoroughly dry, so I trimmed them a little with the cutter knife.
I sewed on the buttons again, and then, because I wanted the lid to stay closed, I mounted the small sections of 3M command strips. I have the command strips because that's what I had on hand – any sticky backed Velcrowould work.br> next, I attached the boxes to the Board by drilling two screws in each box.
And I was done.
(on a whim, I added some Scrabble tiles with hot glue.)
For the last picture, the kept the DIY wall organizer with double sided tape. When we actually install it on the case of Aimee, I will either drill you into the wall or get some key hole hooks, to hold it securely in Position.
One of my boxes had a lid that was a bit shaky. To make it, it was in the apartment, which I ironed straight (on a high /cotton setting). That was the trick to smooth it and make it easy to close when the command Strip Velcro has been applied.
Don’t forget to visit David on his blog, Etsy, or on Facebook.

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