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DIY Vintage bottles for Home Decor

You know how you DIY-vintage bottles for your home! You can change the look in just a few minutes with Mod smorgasbord – this shows you how. Good Low-budget-friendly craft.

I’d labels like to welcome Mitzi from Mitzi’s Collectibles, Mod conglomeration of rocks with a beautiful way to decorate bottles with vintage! Do you remember your anthropology mirror inspired? You know, Mitzi is great with Mod-hodgepodge, so I’ I;ll let you take it away with another fabulous idea.
Hello, Mitzi Curi here from Mitzi’s Collectibles, your guest blogger today. I’m a antique dealers and craftsmen, who way vintage loves-materials and create new treasures, “upcycling” Antiques, so that they can be appreciated within our modern life. Today I’m going to have to decorate some bottles and jars with Mod-hodgepodge!
Now that spring is upon us, it’s inevitable that we are talking about some old bottles and jars with our spring cleaning. Maybe you have some old bottles in your house, garage, or basement.
you many affordable bottles and glasses guaranteed to Find at garage sales, estate sales, and flea markets – all for the purpose that they turn into vintage bottles. To collect it’t should take a long time, a variety of glass beauties in interesting shapes and colors, such as the grouping, I decorate under:

DIY Vintage bottles
Once you have your collection of bottles and jars, you will need to complete the following materials to your project:

Mod hodgepodge Matt
foam brush
Distress Ink
copies of old labels

By coincidence, I have an extensive collection of paper ephemera, including old labels, but for this project I have selected several of The Graphics Fairy, a blog, offers a new graphic every day for the readers to download and use in your art.
I click on “advertising” and “labels” categories in the sidebar and found some great examples for this project.
To ensure that your graphic images won’t smear, if you have the Mod-hodgepodge treatment, they need to be copied with a color laser printer. Or if an ink jet printer that is used, sprayed with a fixative that you can buy in any craft or art supply store.
Before Mod Podging, I at the age of printed labels with some Tim Holtz Distress Ink in “bed sheets,”, especially on the edges. In this way, you won’t see the bright, white edges to their labels, and thus, your finished project look more authentic.
To decorate the bottles, use the foam brush to thoroughly but thinly coat the back of the label with Mod-hodgepodge. Position the label on the bottle and smooth from the center to the edges with your fingers or a brayer (I always end up with two).
next, add a thin layer of Mod hodgepodge over the image. Take a damp paper towel and clean the glass around the image. This additional Mod-hodgepodge can also be removed, if you blade dry by using a razor or X-Acto knife.
I tried to choose items in my glasses, congratulated you. I chose peacock feathers for the large apothecary jar, coffee beans for the jar with the coffee label, and yarn roles for two of my other glasses. I added a little tape here and there on my vintage bottles for additional embellishment.
I hope you will try to vintage bottles this spring. You’ll be recycling bottles and appreciate the beautiful vintage graphics at the same time, thanks to Mod-hodgepodge!

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