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DIY Tropical napkin Decoupage candles

Using dollar store supplies, this pretty decoupage candles! We added a tropical flair to us, so that they are perfect for parties.

Hello there! Holly here from the Club-Designed with a last summer "craft" – decoupage candles! This is a quick tip for dressing up your plain candles with a tropical flair.
I'm a Big FAN of the Dollar store, and it is the perfect place to shop for simple white candles (which I always have in the house), make the perfect base for DIYs, including this simple napkin decoupage technique.
Since Amy mentioned that decoupage with napkins was "in" right now, I thought the decoration of my plain, white candles with a tropical monstera leaf pattern was the perfect choice. Because I'm a Dollar store fan, it's probably no surprise that I also LOVE the Michaels and Target dollar sections.
I picked up this cute yellow and green tropical leaf napkins at Michaels at the beginning of the summer, because I loved the pattern and the size was perfect for my candles. I made them in less than 15 minutes!

Decorating candles with napkins
they Collect Supplies

Simple white candle
Mod hodgepodge gloss
Tropical leaf napkins

step 1: Unfold the napkin and cut out the leaves. I've done it, 3-4 leaves from a single napkin, but it depends on the pattern and how it overlaps.
step 2: If the napkin has been removed, peel the clear layers, carefully, so that only the thin upper layer with the actual pattern on it. This makes for a cleaner decoupage.
step 3: Paint a thin layer of Mod-hodgepodge (I have Shine on the area of the candle where you want to place the pattern.
Then, press the cut-out sheet in place and smooth it carefully. If you have small enough pieces, it should grooves be minimal.
step 4: Repeat with additional sheets/patterns, as desired, and then feel free to overlap. Then paint a thin layer of Mod smorgasbord on the napkins and let them dry completely before use.
Now, light ‘em up! I love how the green leaf, the pattern looks against the white, and they seem like the perfect decoration to have around the house this summer. You can try a version of this decoupage candles for the fall!
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