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DIY Thanksgiving sign is for a Merry Christmas

Use the included printables to this festive DIY Thanksgiving signs – welcome your guests in style, or use it for pretty mantle decor.

I really love Thanksgiving. The type of perfect holiday for me and I have so many great memories, coupled with the great food (and the preparation for them).I wanted to come up with a project that reflected that and when my friend Geralyn found the perfect Shakespeare quote it all came together."The small Cheer and Great Welcome, and Merry Christmas." Not only is this place? It is made of The Comedy of errors, and for me, perfectly sums up my favorite holiday.So I got to work and designed the background and the text, and then applied to create some of the scrap wood, the sign is a cool DIY Thanksgiving!!! Here’s what I did.and Merry Christmas to Thanksgiving-charactersFor this project I used:
scrap ½ - inch plywood cut to 10.5" long and 3" high panelsTwo scrap piece of wood for the connection of the plates – cut to 11.5" long8 screw Mat Mod PodgeWood StainA print the text – you can download here and hereI have some tools that are very helpful, but also optional drill (and appropriate drill bits)SandpaperTwo new (for me) applicators from the makers of Mod-hodgepodge:brush applicator rolling applicatorto get started, I beizte the edges of the wood boards and only a little from the front. After the stain dried, I had it sanded lightly. next, I have the Mod-hodgepodge with the roller applicator. This was a new tool for me, and I must say it worked out well. It is application made to control smooth and easy (and the cleaning was also very easy). next, I laid (lay?) the bottom of the graphics on my Thanksgiving characters, smooth out the air bubbles as I went.After a bit of time to dry, I grind the edges of the paper a light, only to give it a little character (this step is completely optional). Next, I flipped all the boards, lined up and screwed on to the scrap-wood connections.(tip: make sure that the panels in the correct order or you need to take apart the whole Thanksgiving characters, and try again. Don't ask me how I know . . . ) I wanted to seal the front and I used the brush applicator, which worked like a dream for the installation of the Mod smorgasbord on a big surface is smooth and clean. I think it is a new favorite of mine can. And I was done. All I need now is some Turkey! . . . and someone to cook it. to complete your DIY Thanksgiving sign. Happy Holidays! Some of the instructions in this project:If you want to do your own thing, the backgrounds alone, without text here, and here.If you don't want to use a drill and screws, a hot glue gun works well.If you’re interested in some more Thanksgiving decor projects, I’d like to for you to the following posts:

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