Emilie Bier Do it Your Self

DIY storage boxes made from felt, cardboard, and wire

Sometimes storage doesn’t have to look good, at least it is easy if it’s going in a trunk or in a closet. But if you are like me and you don’t have a lot of hidden storage, then sometimes it needs a bit more attractive because people are going to see it. The style, too.
That’s what I love, these three DIY storage options made from felt, cardboard/fabric, and wire. Only the middle is a Mod-hodgepodge (you can see the tutorial by treasures on the link below), but I think the other two also.
I Need a couple of felt-containers (or 10) and definitely one of the wireless options for my fabric. To listen to I’d love to know about your storage creations in the comments!
DIY-storage boxes on Best Friends for Frosting

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