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DIY step stool Makeover with Mod-hodgepodge

I needed to achieve something small, the top of my kitchen shelves – so I decorated this DIY step stool in my favorite fabric colors!

I love my new DIY step stool! How did it come about? Mod hodgepodge command center was not designed with me in mind. The nerve, right? You see, in the kitchen, I can’t reach the top boxes (even if I’m 5′ 6″) and I have nowhere to be, a step stool, unless, to dig I want some craft supplies.
Is not going to happen. If you are facing a problem like this, I’m sure you can guess that I always Mod-hodgepodge. I also added to my fabric collection, which had a different colorway of the Joel Dewberry fabric I used in this project.
The instructions for my DIY step stool are below – this is how I solved the problem with the help of my good friend Mod smorgasbord. You’ll be glad to know I’m now reaching the top of the cabinets with ease, and all the world is right again.
DIY step stool Makeover
Collect These Supplies

FolkArt acrylic paint – Patina, parchment (optional)
Mod smorgasbord of fabric and Mod hodgepodge gloss
Small wood stool
Joel Dewberry ' "Deer Valley Antler" substances, Terra-Cotta – 1/2 yard
1" Flat brush
utility knife
wax paper
acrylic Sealer (optional)

you first want to prepare the fabric before painting. To do this, wash and dry the fabric (do not use fabric softener). Iron and then lay out on a covered work surface. Wax paper is better, for the of the table cover. With a brush, paint a thin layer of fabric Mod smorgasbord on your fabric. Let it air dry. This allows you to cut the fabric, such as paper, with no ragged edges.
time to cut your fabric pieces. Lay the stool top down on the fabric and trace elements. You cut with the scissors. Do the same thing with both of the stool-pages. Set aside.
My bowel movement came out, so I painted it before I put it on. I base coated the sides and top with Patina. You can paint the whole thing with a Patina, but I painted the bar (which you can see on the photo) with parchment Depends on how many colors you want to buy. To dry these pieces.
you Assemble the chair according to the included instructions. Touch-up paint as needed.
This is my favorite part! Glue the top and side of the fabric using the gloss Mod-hodgepodge. Completely smooth out all air bubbles and allow to dryleave on for 15 to 20 minutes.br>brush the entire chair with at least two layers of gloss Mod-hodgepodge. Let dry.
Go back to the top and cut the excess fabric around the edge with a cutter knife.
they Allow the chair to dry for at least 24 hours prior to use. I recommend spraying with several coats of acrylic sealer to completely finish your project and add durability.

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