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DIY Star Wars Converse shoes

I’ve been to the supermarket twice in the last two weeks, and both times they had different STAR WARS balloons. Either someone at Publix is a Star Wars fan, or you know, I am, and you put the balloons there as a welcoming beacon, because, you know, I shop don’t exactly love, and she wanted to cheer me up.
; d like to think it’s the latter. But either way, it reminded me that I have not written it yet’t a good Star Wars craft in a while.
Randomly, I received a message from a fellow blogger Mandy let me know that you completed had these shoes recently with fabric Mod hodgepodge and her brother’s old records:
Aren’t it fantastic?! I mean, I could go on and on, but the shoes speak pretty much for themselves. If you do have any old Star Wars bed sheets or fabric, you want something, this is your project.
I think I’m going to hunt something down on eBay, I can decoupage, some white slip-ons . . . whee! Get the whole tutorial from Mandy at the bottom.
DIY Star Wars fabric-converse in Something Monumental

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