Emilie Bier Do it Your Self

DIY-spring-plate Provided with a Dollar-Store

Make this fun DIY spring sign with dollar store materials! To personalize, choose your favorite colors and scrapbook papers.

spring is a great season, I had to pay homage to – and you know how I Express myself. With interpretive dance? No. With a DIY spring sign!
you need to celebrate something with Mod-hodgepodge, so let me show you how I personalize this sign and then you can remove it.
I want to encourage you, whatever you do, add Lollipop flowers. They are so cute and SO much fun to make. So you&#let 8217;s do this.
Collect These Supplies

wood signs – I Have the section from the Kroger Easter clearance. $.99, baby! You have, similar to the Dollar tree
Scrapbook-paper – I used two sheets of Basic Grey Gypsy
acrylic paint – you’ll obviously want to customize your paper. I used the following: FolkArt acrylic paint – to spell pink, hot Pink, Soft Apple
wooden letters the spell of your choice
Felt – small
chipboard circles – 3-inch diameter
keys – 3 co-ordination
Band – 12″, flowers stems
Flat brush
craft glue
pencil or pen
Craft knife and Mat or scissors
sandpaperhang br>Pink Thong or the other to – 12 inch

Here’s the sign, before I did again-it – welcome to Easter! Welcome to my Mod hodgepodge jar, the is . . . Sand the sign lightly and wipe off the sanding dust with a damp cloth.
There is a black wire coming off the top of my character – I have removed it. I tracked my characters, face down on the back of the paper.
I then cut the paper about 1/4″ in the drawing, so that some of the color that would show me the paper when I Podged Mod it to the front. Set aside.
Take circles your chipboard and trace it. You should also cut inside the lines, so that some of the color of the page, Peeps. Perfect circles want? Use a Sizzix Big Shot or punch (or similar). Set aside.
Paint your chipboard circles with the Soft Apple. Paint the edges and around the tips until they are coated completely. Set aside to dry.
At this point, choose wooden letters for the spell of your choice and paint them. I chose “Yes, spring!” and painted it Pink. Set aside to dry as well.
Paint the sign with your FolkArt-choice of colour (mine is Pink). I painted the edges, back and sides until completely covered. Let dry.
is Once the sign is dry, you are ready to Mod smorgasbord. Spread Mod smorgasbord on the front of the sign, which is in a medium level.
you Place your paper over the top and smooth down thoroughly for several minutes. A brayer is a great tool; I recommend that. Let it dry for 15 – 20 minutes.
While this dries, go back and Mod the hodgepodge of the little paper circles you cut shapes to the fronts of the painted circle. Let dry.
Spread a medium layer of Mod smorgasbord of over the top. Let it dry and then coat the back and the front again. To give you a further layer over the entire plaque and allow to dry.
your letters are dry and so are your circuits. To mount it’s time everything! I cut to fit small felt circles to the centers of my chipboard circles, and then the and buttons bonded to the fronts of the flowers. You use to attach the sticky glue, the letters and the flowers in the place you want.
your DIY-spring-to make signs, tape flower stems and then add a string to hang. You’ve done it!

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