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DIY screen printing with Mod-hodgepodge (Super Easy!)

DIY screen printing doesn’t have to be expensive! You can do it with Mod-smorgasbord – you won’t believe how easy it is and how good it looks. Scroll down to see a video of the process in action . . . with two bonus techniques as well!skills Required: beginner. If you’re a simple design, you don’t really need to skill all of the previous craft. Just slowly work, if you haven’t hand. I have finally done it! I've tried to DIY screen printing with Mod-hodgepodge. I’ve talked about it, always wanted to do it, and I finally did. Let’s not talk about the fact that I want to use the Wallpaper with Mod-done smorgasbord and haven’t there – no, let’to go s once there.DIY-T-Shirt-printerI’m very satisfied with the results of my project that I have for you a DIY screen printing tutorial. I’ll start with something simple, and then you have to say about my T-shirt.Here’s my first try, the snowflake tote: Before I dive into the tutorial, to show you how it’s done, I wanted to screen print with Mod to go over some frequently asked questions I’ve got about DIY-smorgasbord.DIY screen printing vs. DIY-screen-printing -In the main two techniques are the same. “screen printing” is traditionally called so, because of the silk in the process. The system control I have in this process, polyester is, but you might be able to, on silk.I was just looking for something with fine holes, which seemed appropriate for a DIY screen-printing or silk-screen printing and the control panel, I have found that works well.NO Emulsion, NON-SensitizingThe awesome thing about this tutorial is that you don’t no emulsion or sensitizer must. I love that you don’t no chemicals! You still get the clean lines as well. It’s pretty awesome.the mass productionyou can have multiple t-shirts with this method – you can re-use the screen Have you maybe touch up the Mod-hodgepodge used in some places, depending on how many times you use it/how thick you applied.But if you produce shirts for a family holiday (for example), they’ll be able to that your t-shirts with a screen very well. If you’re planning to the mass production of t-shirts, I’d go with a different method.DIY screen PrintingOn the screen printing to do it yourself, you will need to gather a few supplies. Here’s what I pulled together.Hoop – doesn’t matter if it’s wood or plastic army curtain panel – I have to save for $1 at the dollar (I’ve also heard that IKEA is a good source), Screen printing ink – any kind or colors, Speedball is great fabric Mod PodgeFlat paint brush sheet of paper, each child pencil cotton bagScissors I like to jump, so you should to. Take your sheer curtain panel, and secure it in the Hoop. Screw it closed and pull the curtain tight, tight, tight. you Rotate your tires and cut off the excess curtain material around the frame. You put the extra curtain aside, and then drag your screen taut again. Now you have to get as crafty as you want! You’re going to be a picture, drawing, either by hand or printing from the computer. I wanted to flake a simple snow, so I'll leave that to drew to me (I first marked the tire so I&#wouldn 8217;t do it too big or too small).announcement, it would have been easier for me to print something or use a ruler, but I like things as difficult as possible and make you a lot of erasing. Go ahead and place your screen on the design, just drawn (or printed). Trace directly on the screen with a pen. All of the tutorials that I have, I’ve seen you use a pencil, so that’used in s what is. Not sure what happened, if you didn’t want to be with a pen, but I really this messed up, so I try didn’t and find out. Yay, my favorite part! With the brush, paint Mod smorgasbord on the screen where you want DON’T that the ink. This is called the “resisting”, because the ink is coming through the screen.I thought long and hard, and I for cloth Mod smorgasbord. Because if it’s washable, then it would be easy to wash the ink (Mod-to stay hodgepodge), and then the screen for multiple prints. I know, I know – I’m smart.Let your Mod-smorgasbord-screen to dry for a few hours until it’s very clear. I have a couple of layers of Mod smorgasbord because I was nervous about the ink getting through in some areas, if I didn’t do it well enough. Your host is also a neuro-table-screen-printer. This is the second part of the fun – lay your screen down on the bag and the color! One important thing: put something between the layers of the tissue, so that the ink doesn’t bleed through. You never know.you can Be sure that, if the painting through the screen to the corners. I have several layers of color before I pulled up. you Pull out the screen and let dry. Take a look at my finished DIY screen printing project! If you find you messed up in all areas, go back and touch up with the brush. Follow the instructions on the packaging of your screen printing ink for your project to finish (washing or sealing, etc.). Once I have the bag I was more self-confidence, so I have this mini snow flake screen in the same way that I flake the snow one for the bag.I grabbed a gray t-shirt and some black and white screen printing mixed color, then follow the steps I listed above was followed. You’ll notice I have a shirt several shades on the t -.gray tonal makes me happy, so printed, a snowflake, then even more white. Then it went out again. And again. And one more time. Finished t-shirt! Completely ready, you, I have some buttons, because you know I love you. Great thing is that the screen is reusable, you have to make tons of curtain material from your sheer panel, and now your friends and family-all you want to you a T-shirt. Are you ready to try, DIY screen printing now?

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