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DIY Shrinky Dink jewelry: a necklace

Do you love Shrinky Dinks? This Shrinky Dink necklace was so easy! If you love Shrinky Dink jewelry, this is a fun project to try with Sharpies and stencils. I’ve been on a DIY jewelry kick for a while, and I’ve had some shrink plastic in my stash for about six months, was begging to turned into something. You combine those two things with some Dimensional magic, and you have a Shrinky-Dink necklace!Shrinky Dinks in the craftThis Shrinky Dink jewelry project is really a little bit of a CraftFail because it didn’t go as planned, but it could be in order. I’m asking what you think, and I want you to let me know in the comments. First of all, I’ I;ll walk you through the craft.With Shrinky Dinks for jewelryShrinky Dinks shrink to about 1/3 their original size and get nine times thicker. It’s people magic. The nice thing about Shrinky Dinks is that, even though they are smaller and thicker, you’re very easily.you must also remember to punch your holes before baking Dink. If you don’t, you’ll have tried a heck of a time to get you punched it.I’m pretty sure that the only way it would happen, if you have a drill. I learned from the experience, and after throwing a couple of Dinks in the trash! Shrinky-Dink-jewelryCollect ThisShrinky Dinks – Supplies Light, White plastic PackMod hodgepodge Dimensional magic stencil A stencil – birds from the natural, 8-pack harpies – dark brown and TealStencil tape jewelry supplies – silver necklace chain, jump ring (from Michael's), Circle cutter or scissors hole punch – 1/4″oven, Shrinky Dinks you must first cut a circle shape out of the Shrinky Dink material. I used a circle cutter and I have a 3 3/8″ circle (it was completely random, I just made my template to fit), but you can also use I tape down the stencil and filled in with the Sharpie color of my choice. I removed the stencil and then went back to thickening the lines in certain areas where I felt that they were a little too thin. punched to have a hole in the top of my hard drive with a normal sized hole punch. Then I create my brown Sharpie vertical lines, which were as even and straight as I could make. I eyeballed it. I baked the Dink. I was like a kid in the candy to sit there with the oven light on, watching shrink the Dink. There were some precarious times in which I thought it was going to fold in on itself, but it ended up righting themselves, and shrink correctly.The instructions don't say if it folds on itself, you can untwist it and straighten it out while it is still hot. Luckily, you’ has happen t. I removed my Shrinky Dink necklace from the oven and allows you to cool it. I finished to dry by Dimensional Magic to the pendant and allows. Note in this photo that the Sharpie ink colors much darker than they originally were.Note also that the Dimensional magic from the ink of the bird is bleeding, but NOT the strip. Strange, isn't it? You finish the Shrinky Dink necklace piece, add a jump ring and a chain. All I’asked the ve, as far as the blur of the bird-like, but I’m the questions you – what do you think of my Shrinky-Dink-jewelry? Feel free to be honest. Is it worth wearing? Or I should it will flush down the toilet?addenda to This projectI have two thoughts on my Shrinky-Dink necklace now that it’s over.I’m questions, if I’ve let the Sharpie dry for a lot longer before baking, would, if it’ve a difference in the blur was. Just think that maybe the Sharpie would’ve more in the material somehow.It’s was recommended to me by several people that the Ruff n’ could be Ready to help leaf with the blur. They are made to look of milk glass so you have a structured page that can the ink better.When you’ve success with Shrinky Dink jewelry, to know I’d love in the comments!

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