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DIY closet dividers for the nursery or children' space - Mod-hodgepodge rock

Use your favorite scrapbook to create papers and decoupage medium unique DIY-closet-dividers, perfect for children’ room. Scroll down to see a video of the whole process.
skills Required: beginner. I recommend the experience Mod conglomeration, before you try this project, but it’s easy if you’ve used the Mod-smorgasbord.

I love to organize. Okay, that was a lie’s a little bit . . . I don’t love the process, but I love the results. When I discovered this project from Cathie and Steve, I realized it was something that would be very useful, especially for parents.
Because I’ve seen, children’Cabinet s.
they are hard to keep organized! Especially when the clothing is so small, and you’ve got your own closet to take care of (plus, perhaps, other children’!). Perhaps your children have to share a closet, whereby these separating walls on even greater significance.
These Cabinet organizers are easy to make, and I promise that you’ll make your life easier. Some people say they are high maintenance costs, but to give me the peace of mind. As can be seen in the closet in the morning, before you’ve had coffee, and to think you don’t have to. And that works for me.
Learn how to do this below!
DIY closet dividers
Collect These Supplies

Mod hodgepodge hardware Coat


you Create a template for the Cabinet dividers of Photocopying one of them. Stick the copy on a piece of cardboard, with Mod-hodgepodge. Let it air dry. Cut out the inner portion of the partition wall. This is a template for the area is to be covered with paper.
With the help of the stencil and a pencil, trace the divider to the shape on the scrapbook paper. We made one for each side. Cut out the shapes.
you are Applying for Mod conglomeration, on the one side of the partition wall and on the back of the paper. Position bar the paper on the separation. To remove smooth with your fingers all the bubbles. You apply a top coat and let them dry.
Once dry, apply letter and number sticker to the wall. Use silicone tweezers tilted for ease. Apply a small amount of Mod smorgasbord on the letters to secure them for the durability.

PROJECT-TIP: Try your hand a painting of letters and numbers, instead of labels. Seal the color with a small amount of Mod-smorgasbord.
This post was inspired by the picture above of Ashley from Under the Sycamore. Your house must be incredible (remember your paper bird painting?) if your cabinets look like this. For the full tutorial, go here.
do you Want to see a video of how Cathie and Steve from her closet-dividers? Simply click on “PLAY” below.

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