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DIY skull bracelet and necklace

Create a DIY skull bracelet and necklace with Mod hodgepodge acrylic shapes, scrapbook embellishments, and the pages of the book. This skull jewelry is so contribute a lot of fun, on Halloween.
If you love skeletons, welcome to the club. One of my favorite things about Halloween is the skeleton crafts is. Skulls can be fun or spooky, and they are so easy Halloween decoration and costumes incorporated. And as you can see, they are also easily incorporated in the skull jewelry.
What was me on the idea of a DIY skull bracelet and necklace, in fact, a number of scrapbook embellishments that you can see I have) in the project (the skeleton head stickers. The rest came together with things I already had. To learn how I made it, read more.
Collecting skull jewelry
it Supplies

Mod hodgepodge Podgeables shapes – Basic (five ovals), and Designer (crown shape)
Mod hodgepodge Tracing templates – Basic shapes
Mod hodgepodge gloss
Mod hodgepodge Dimensional Magic
Mod smorgasbord of jewelry glue
book pages
ornaments, including skull head sticker, skull keys and small gear wheels
Martha Stewart acrylic paint beetle Black, Arrow peak
stencil brush
jewelry findings – necklace, chain, bracelet, jump rings
jewelry tools
power drill and 1/16" bit
Pin (optional)

Select the Podgeables shapes you want to use in your project.
If you have forms with pre-drilled holes at the top, drill a small hole at the top of each Podgeable shape. I used a screw to mark where I wanted my hole (get it started) and then I went from there.
Mix a small amount of the arrow tip color with water until it is an eyesore is in the consistency. Brush back and forth in a random pattern on a few pages of the book, to let you age. Let dry. use of your tracking templates, the corresponding Podgeables shapes on your pages (I used the small oval and the crown). Cut.
Using the beetle Black paint and a stencil brush, to emphasise the shapes of the edges of the book page. Brush a little color in the middle as well. Let dry.
Mod-hodgepodge, the book-page-forms of the Podgeable shapes. Use a medium layer of Mod-hodgepodge and smooth, then let dry.
Use Dimensional Magic on the top of each Podgeable shape and let them dry. You don’t have to do this, but I like the nice, shiny, epoxy-like finish it gives.
Fasten the ornaments on the Podgeables as shown in the photo, with jewelry adhesive, drying,let.br> Attach to form jump rings of the Podgeable and then secure it with the bracelet and necklace chains. To push you use the pen through the holes, when all of the glue dried on the inside.
you Wear your spooky skull jewelry with pride. Are you proud that all your skulligan friends this Halloween!

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