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DIY rustic Glitter Ornament the Easy way

Make your own rustic glitter ornament with yarn and Mod-hodgepodge! This is so easy – you’ll want a whole tree. So pretty!
When it comes to Christmas – glitter rules. At least in my book. I don’t break it out much, except for the holidays, but if I break them . . . I don’t come to play. “Go glitter or go home,”, my friends! And that’s exactly what I did with this DIY rustic glitter ornament!
a part of this fun blog hop this year, with the title “31 days of handmade Christmas ornaments.” This is my Habbo post! My glitter ornament is so easy to make, you won’t be able to stop; you’ll have to make more than one. You can use different colors of yarn, different colors of glitter. The possibilities are endless.
DIY rustic Glitter Ornament
Collect These Supplies

Ornament (I used a clear one)
Mod hodgepodge Sparkle (Gloss is also fine)
Fine glitter
hot gun

Have your hot glue gun heated and ready to use. Clean the surface of your glass ornament, if necessary.
you need to Start by a small line of hot glue around the top of the ornament and then immediately lay your string flat on the glue.
Just repeat over and over again until the ornament is covered. (Line of glue, press the cord down on top of it, repeat). It doesn’t take that long. You can do it, while your favorite reality show!
Once your ornament is covered, twine, cordage, you can choose to leave it this way for a rustic look or the glitter version. Of course I recommend the glittered version. With Mod-Hodgepodge!
add glitter: cover yarn in Mod-hodgepodge with a foam brush. Now . . . I’ll give you two more options available. You can Glitter, Mod smorgasbord and leave it. OR you can hodgepodge with Mod and then add glitter on the top!
pour the glitter over the ornament until the desired cover is achieved. Be sure to pour it over a bowl or something similar, all you have to catch the excess glitter.
Hang to dry for about 24 hours. I sat in my Mod collection lid for a fun display for the photos.
Do you like the Shine?! This jewelry would be a lovely addition to any tree. Including me.
Because the world needs more glitter these days, in my humble opinion.
What do you think of all the glitz? Are you in love? And what is with the cord, there is a rustic touch? Let me know in the commentsknow!br>

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