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DIY recipe holder Looks great in the kitchen

This Mod hodgepodge DIY recipe holder makes the perfect gift! It’s a great idea to make for the cook in your life, and so easy (and personalize).
man Podger David returns this week with a great gift idea for the person in your life who loves to cook – a DIY recipe holder. That would not be me. Ha!
not a Baker or cook, but you know what – I want to one day. I love traditional recipes but.
My mom makes Swedish pancakes from my great-grandfather’s recipe, and I hope one day she shows me how to make them. If you do, I’ll use this recipe holder. Here’s how you do it, David.
I have a sweet tooth.
Well, to be honest, I only eat, in order to justify that dessert.
My mother is an excellent Baker. She even makes donuts. YOU. POWER. DONUTS. PEOPLE!!!!! Seriously, you have no idea how good you are.
mom has mesome favorite recipes written carefully on index cards, and, me, I tend to submit, and this flies in the sink or on the floor whenever I use it.br>So I came up with this little project, both to honor my mother and keep the cards safe.
I realize not everyone will want to use your Mama-recipes for the design, but this is a great project for using up any scraps of paper that appeal to you.
you need:

appeals to A base made of wood
Clothespin – regardless of the size of
A piece of scrap wood for the stem, preferably, the same width as your clothespin
foam brush
rubber band
glue (I used Gorilla glue, but a good, strong glue is not)
Two screws

(If you're curious on my paper – I have only scanned a few of my mom's recipes, reduced in size a little, you printed out, cut them up on a "collage" and then again scanned the whole thing and printed it out)
step 1: Cut the stalk
Mark and cut a 35 degree angle on your scrap piece of wood.

Then cut the piece so that it measures 3 ¾ " high.
step 2: Sand and paint

Lightly sand and then paint your base (I remembered this time!), the stem and the clothespin.
you will need to take apart the clothespin to do this, and be sure to have the silly little spring-loaded thing, it keeps you together somewhere that is easy to remember.
If you do this, you will save time and skip to the location you will be step 8: Where the hell I put That Stupid Little Springy thing That It Holds Together.
I didn't want to skip to step 8.
step 3: Mod-hodgepodge!
With Mod hodgepodge glue your paper on the base and the top of the clothespin – use damp fingers to

smooth out any bubbles. After they have dried, I use a sealer layer of Mod smorgasbord would like to add.
step 4: Drill The holes
After your sealer coat has thoroughly outline dried, center your shaft, and with a pencil, where the

stems go.

next, you drill two holes by drilling down through your base.

step 5: Fasten the screws.
Drill the screws at the top and through the base – make sure that you are in about the same.
step 6: Mark the stem

gently Press down on the bottom of the stem in the screws to mark where the screws will go and then drill

shallow pilot holes (you’re doing this, because you have to prevent the drilling in the end of the wood, and this is, that the wood from splitting when you screw into it).

step 7: Attach the base to the spindle
you screw the base to the stem, make sure the heads of your screws flush with the bottom of the

base (so it can sit flat).
step 8, also known as " Where the hell do I Have The Stupid Little Springy thing
Mount the clothespin.
step 9: Attach the Clothespin
Glue the clothespin to the stem, and then use the rubber band to dry to keep it in place.

This is all to your DIY recipe holder, in addition, allow it to dry.

This DIY recipe holder is a versatile project. You can make it larger or smaller, depending on your needs. You could Mod the hodgepodge of paper on the spindle, as well as, if you are fond of.leave it unpainted for a more natural look.
If you do not like the use of drills and such that you can reach, the whole thing is easy with a strong adhesive and a little patience while you hold it in place to dry.
I hope you liked it and as always, I will monitor the comments and not to ask if you have any questions or any explanations please feel free.
not Many thanks to David – love this project, even if I cook don’t (yet). For all of you, don’t forget to visit David’s Etsy shop here!

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