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DIY-plate-Display With Vintage photos

You will learn how to create a DIY plate display on a budget! In this project, I used vintage photos for the perfect mother’s Day gift.

My mother is a very sentimental person! That’s why the best mother’s day gifts for her are made and not bought. Our Michaels makers challenge this month was a great gift for mom, and I knew that this DIY plate display vintage would be photos perfect in your craft room.
Inspired by some plates wall hangings I had seen online, I decided to combine antique plate, chalkboard paint, vintage photos and hook in a display! My plate wall display includes old photo of my mom, dad and the grandparents.
I look forward to the end result and how interesting is this record collection can also see, if a bag hanging. Functional and attractive . . . it is what my mother wanted is exactly.
Make mom’s day! Check out custom-curated gifts for every mother on Michaels.com. Now at the tutorial.
DIY-panel Display with photos

for printer and ink
5 x 7 premium HP photo paper
antique plates – five; my Painting from the thrift store
Vintage photos
FrogTape shape tape-Chevron
Mod hodgepodge gloss
Rustoleum Universal spray paint – silver
FolkArt chalkboard Black
foam brush
- scissors
Command Strips for hooks and eyelets for hanging plate
The round surface (like a Cup of coffee) – optional

Select to spray a plate to paint. You use the shape tape to block off a side of the plate. Spray paint and let it dry. You remove the tape.
Choose a different plate on your table. Coat the center with chalkboard paint and the brush with the foam. Give the plate with several layers, let dry between the layers.
your remaining three plates will display photos. You can choose from three vintage-print photos, and print on the 5 x 7 photo paper with your printer. You cut one of the pictures with scissors.
tip #1: Some of the images that you can cut to the person, the Form, the other, you can make it round like the plate. You can experiment with your cuts!
If you decide to cut some of your shapes round, a surface such as a Cup of coffee, along with a pencil to create a circle. This keeps you from having to try to trace the bottom of the plate, that is difficult. Cut Your Circles.
Mod smorgasbord of your photos on the inner sides of the plates. A medium layer of Mod hodgepodge apply to the center of the plate, smooth the photo down, and a layer of Mod smorgasbord of over the top. Let dry.
command to "Apply" the hook 2 or 3 of the plates according to the instructions on the packaging. Hang the plates on the wall using Command strips. Make sure to do not follow the instructions on the package, so that your plates fall and break.
show I love this functional plate, and see photos of my family on the wall makes my mom smile! How would you personalize your plates? You want to use vintage graphics, or photos? What is with the funky door knobs as hooks? Tell me in the comments below!
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