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DIY Passport holder With Instagram photos

Learn how to this DIY-passport-holder with small pieces of fabric, some photos and some glue. This version is no-sew and it’s very easy!

I recently saw a very inspiring movie about travel and it ignited a spark – I need more holiday! I pulled out my passport and realized that it is time for a renewal, to prepare for some new adventures.
I have also noticed that I have a passport cover. Because I want to start to travel again (it's been a while), I decided to make my own DIY-passport-holder with some of my favorite and most inspiring travel images.
I knew it would be easy to DIY-passport holders, but I didn't know how easy. This version is no sewing. The hardest part was selecting the photos! Here is how I did it.
DIY Passport holder.
Collect These Supplies

photos of your choice – if your Instagram photos, you 12 need – 16 for a cover similar to mine
cotton fabric in off-white, ¼" yard – you'll also need a small 5" x 5" square of a second color (any color) for the two
the inside to hold plates, in the Pass
wonder Under iron on fusible web
Aleene's no-sew, glue
Martha Stewart oilcloth finish or Mod smorgasbord of Hard Coat
a ruler and a cutter knife
your passport
iron and Ironing Board

A passport is approximately 4 cm wide x 5 cm high (it is actually a little smaller). Cut a piece of lightweight cloth about 12 cm wide x 7 cm high to play so that you have some excess.
iron on the wonder Under following the instructions on the packaging carefully. Repeat with the wonder Under and the contrasting color fabric.
you Cut the light fabric to an 8 ½ "x 11" sheet of paper with a pair of scissors. Set aside the fabric.
you Open a word processing program and place the paper in a horizontal orientation. Start adding images to your layout. I added 20 Instagram images in 2" x 2" squares.
Then I quickly realized that I need that many! 12 images in a 3 x 4 grid, with all of the photos as 2" x 2" squares, is perfect.
you Remove all paper from the printer tray and insert your light fabric, face down in the tray. Print your photos on the fabric, and remove the backing.
Place your open passport and decide how large the cover want. I recommend a rectangle of about 6 ¾ "high and 9" wide. Make sure to center your passport to the images.
Use the ruler to cut, and cutter your cover down to the appropriate size.
tip: Cut with the photo-side up, so that you can see exactly where you are cutting.
fold the fabric over your passport to ensure that it fits, and to ensure that it is even on all sides and makes a perfect rectangle.
trim the ends as necessary with a utility knife and ruler.
Now you need to insert the side panels into the interior of the cover. This is what holds the passport in place. I can see a small rectangle of mint fabric, as above. You don't need to run this through the printer; just leave the issues ironed with the soft.
Trim down the fabric to the same height as the passport cover and 2" wide. You will need two pieces of this.
Put the pieces on each end, to ensure that you fit and cut as necessary.
glue down on three sides with the fabric glue – don't forget to open the interior, long side, so you can insert your passport!
and Hold until the glue is set, then leave it alone for 24 hours to dry completely.
your passport case and preserve the outside, paint with two coats of the Martha Stewart oilcloth finish or Mod smorgasbord of the Hard layer. Let dry.
fits My DIY-passport-holder perfectly, and I can't wait for it on my next trip!
What do you think – are you ready to try and make your own passport cover?

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