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DIY Party cups dipped in Confetti

These budget-friendly party cups are immersed in confetti! If you have some simple decoration for your next celebration, get the tutorial here.

Hiii – Jessica from The Confetti Bar, the coolest confetti shop on the block, where we believe that happiness is to be celebrated! It is my mission in life to confetti, all kinds of things, and the party were always at the top of the list.
I have a crazy pineapple heart piece and some of the champagne bottles that I know are, to make a statement.
But then I have also calls for these goodie bags, DIY envelopes (for her!), and this DIY confetti banner! If you’re not really going to be a confetti-themed celebration, it’s enough. To want you’re going to confetti a few cups.
These easy DIY party cups are quick to whip up, but will certainly make your next event extra special (and colorful!). You’re perfect for birthday, graduation, wedding, and just about any celebration.
Did I mention you are REALLY easy to make and the supplies are cheap? Learn how to do it, including (read more).
DIY Party cups

plastic (or paper) party cups
Mod hodgepodge Matt (you can use any, but if you want a little extra fancy, try some Glitter Mod smorgasbord so you get a subtle glitter effect behind the confetti!)sponge brushes (+ a plate, the Mod smorgasbord and you dip your brush for easy application)

Start by cups, a thick layer of Mod smorgasbord on the bottom 1/3 – 1/2 of your party.
Then you roll your Cup in a pile of colorful confetti. (You may “press” the confetti on hand in some places.)
Repeat with all of your party cups and let them dry completely. *If you would like to “fuller” confetti look, once you let the first layer of the confetti is dry, go back in for a second coat of Mod collection and confetti.
And there you have it — pretty party tableware that is sure to get your guests eager to toast and shout, “Cheers!”
When choosing your perfect color palette, remember, we have tons of pre-made confetti options in our shop, but if you have a little extra Horny specializing in custom confetti!
also check out our blog for more fun (approximately 10 Times the Confetti Looked Good Enough to eat), and we would be happy to see you around Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest!

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