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DIY paper cactus on wood (Easy living!)

Are you figs, obsessed with cactus? This cute decoupaged paper cactus on wood is a great addition to your decor.

Hello Mod hodgepodge rock friends! It’s Cathedral, Designed. Today I have a very simple tutorial for you guys.
now. The other thing is, I’m in love with wood as a raw material. I combined the two and simple collage art fuck came up with this super to create cute and so easy.
I think, this cactus craft would look awesome as a set. Maybe three of them with different plants?

paper cactus need on wood

Mod hodgepodge gloss
sponge paint brush
Coloured paper
Small piece of plywood

step One
Cut out some of the basic “petal” such as shapes from the green card.
Once you have a few of these in different sizes, go ahead and cut the pieces for the pot, lace and flowers.
step Two
to forms of the basic plant pot where you want them on your board. Layer, they are covered so the joins.
step Three
Glue the pieces down individually. You start with the pieces on the back of “layer”.
step Four
Cover the entire surface of the block in the Mod-smorgasbord.
step Five
Add the lace and the flowers, while the previous coat is still wet. With a smaller brush, sponge, dab a generous layer of Mod smorgasbord on the cactus shape. These are the spikes, as well as giving your plant some extra texture.
And you’re done! Super Cute, Right? 🙂

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