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DIY-place-Card-holder you Can Re-Use

These DIY place card holders are absolutely unique! You can re-use them for any new party or holiday. You will receive a free printable, too!
Are you ready for a party-project, man-Podger, David? How about DIY place card holders with chalkboard paint?
I would be quite entertained all the time, if I had an apartment, which is larger than Mod hodgepodge command center. I would entertain so that I could make and eat cupcakes. And of course, the DIY panel to make place card holders just like this.


I’ve got the perfect DIY place card holders to share with you today! In the "I Make Stuff" business as I am my seasons and holidays are all screwed. I was working on Halloween in August, and now I'm happening on Thanksgiving before Halloween, too.
It's also 90 degrees today in Los Angeles, so I know don T, what kind of way is. Ah, well. Thanksgiving always has me leaving with stucco decoration.
I'm all about the 20s, 30s and 40s vintage stuff, but vintage Thanksgiving is often, uh . . . a little bit racist. And, I have nothing against pretty leaves and such, but they don't do much for me. So I decided to go in a completely different direction and came up with a vintage travel theme for what my Thanksgiving table. I have this DIY-place-card-holders, which could be used for the seat or the determination of the food at the buffet.
I like this project because it's totally versatile. You could use Fairy, scans of record albums, vintage Christmas images, labels from The graphics – everything appeal, and went with her theme.
I use some cards for you if you want to, scaled to the size of the bases I used (please scroll down for download). My travel images are from the Dover-Vintage-travel-posters-book. I just imported them into MS Word and then in the size of my heart changed content.
you need:


round wooden discs – 3" diameter
wood tags, 2" x 3" (also from Michaels)
card print out sheet
A ¼ inch wood dowel
chalkboard paint
Drill with a ¼ inch drill bits
hot gun
Mod hodgepodge Matt
1 ½ - inch adhesive-painter's tape
- Black Sharpie
Saw or miter load
Fine sandpaper

1) Lightly sand the tips and edges of the discs and tags just to smooth it out a bit.
2) With 1 ½ " masking tape mask off each half of the day.
3) the open side of the transponder and set aside to dry.
4) While the primer is drying your black Sharpie to "paint" the edges of the slices, then cut round the cards and cut them in place and set them aside to dry.
5) after your primer has dried it a light sanding to smooth out any bumps and top coat with a few layers of chalkboard paint according to the manufacturer's instructions and set them aside to dry.
6) Cut off your vintage travel images.
7) When the chalkboard paint has dried adequately, carefully remove the tape to peel.
8) Use your Sharpie to the edges, and if you want to, on the back of the Tags.
9) Mod-hodgepodge ensure your vintage-images-in-place, that no Mod smorgasbord to the table-area.
10) After 20 minutes you give to not seal the tags and the bases a thin layer of Mod-smorgasbord only, everything (once again, to get Mod smorgasbord to the table-area).
11) While everything dries, use your Sharpie to "paint" the dowel cut to black, and then with your miter box, it lengths in a 3 ½ - inch.
12) if everything is dry, turn over the bases and place a piece of blue painter’s tape on the back side and mark the center of the disc.
13) Now place a piece of scrap wood on the table and you place your base, face down, on top and drill through your center mark and into, but not through the scrap wood (scrap wood will prevent the drill bit from the creation of the "blow out" on the opposite side of it).
14) With your glue gun, attach the dowel sections to the back of each tag.
15) Once the glue is dried and the chalkboard paint was cured according to the manufacturer's instructions, write the names of the tags (it's just easier to do it now, but not necessary), and connect the tags with their bases. I found I needed to glue them to their bases, and in this way, you can take it apart for storage.
Now you are ready for the party – but don’t forget to download that art for your table place card holders HERE!

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