Emilie Bier Do it Your Self

DIY Notebook in a matter of minutes!

This adventure is the Motto of the DIY notebook is the perfect gift idea for everyone from the hostesses to the teachers to the children! To personalize So easily. Hello, friends! Are you working like crazy on Christmas gifts? Every year I give my kids a new sketch book or notebook to write the book, and this year I thought it would be fun to make it yourself!I love the idea of each of my children that you can make your own personalized DIY notebook for the year. You can use it to draw, write down ideas and thoughts to share, or just color, if you need to do something.My children have such different personalities, I love the idea of something unique just for you. And you are encouraged to write and draw, is just another added bonus! If you aren’t familiar with Mod smorgasbord of Hard Coat sealer, it is hands down one of my favorite Mod smorgasbord of products. My children are . . . also children! Which are rough on almost every surface in our house.It’s important to me that, if I'm going to take a lot of time in this project that I create something. The Mod-hodgepodge Hard coat is the perfect solution.It works as a sealant, glue, and durable surface. It’s just the thing to make my handmade books, for sure. Let’s jump into this DIY notebook!you Make a Notebook giftMy book, I started with a few supplies. A doily punch, embellishments, brushes, and a blank sketch book. You probably have most of these things around the house!DIY Notebook decorationCollect These SuppliesBlank sketchbook – a paper or chipboard to cover, works bestMod hodgepodge of Hard CoatScrapbook paper design punches (like my doily -) Glue letter stickers or other scrapbook embellishments paint brush to get started, first coat in a thin layer of Mod-hodgepodge Hard layer. next, punching paper doily, or use one that you have on hand. Apply a think layer of Mod smorgasbord of Hard coating on the back of the doily, and keep it for the book. I love how it looks wrapped around the book!After the wrap it, apply another thin layer on top. This sealer is cut so perfectly for the complicated shapes, like this doily. This book will never hold up without the Mod-hodgepodge hardware Coat! After your book is too dry, add additional embellishments to your book after the same method. Keep your layer of Mod hodgepodge thin and even if you can. When you are finished, check your book for all of the areas in which lifting. Some ornaments may need more glue than others. Feel free to give it a last layer on top for good measure! That’s it! This DIY-notebook-gift idea is so easy! My oldest is going to LOVE it. She loves to draw, and she is such an adventurer.

I just love to create gifts that help present, how much I love and appreciate others. Now I'm off to make more! Maybe I need to do this for close friends and family. I better craftin’! 😉XOXOXO

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