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DIY Neon frame With office supplies

Using simple office supplies in neon, to decorate the colours, a cost-effective framework. This DIY frame makes great home decor, or even a bright gift!

I love things out of common household items and office supplies. And I always have flags in the bright, neon colors of self-stick-loved . . . you, these little things that you see know, an important document that you must sign for it? (Read all the small print? I have to admit . . . I can not always!)
Well, I thought it might be fun to create a decoupage-this little neon flags to something, a pattern. So, I recently picked up have a cheap wooden frame at the craft store. I began to experiment with these elements and some of the Mod-the hodgepodge of Super-gloss formula that sent Karo me last year.
I love neon colors... in fact, I dedicated a whole week to neon on my blog last year. As much as I like the brightness, I prefer to use neon in small doses, in combination with many independent. I decided that a simple, white, panel and frame with a little bright color would be 'just enough' day-glow for me.
Want to see how the neon DIY frame? Raid your drawer and let's do this!

Neon frame
supplies needed:

Inexpensive wood frame
Mod conglomeration, Super-Gloss-formula
Balsa wood
chalkboard paint
tinkering with White and paint
Neon yellow Tinker and paint
Neon self-stick-flags

you can Remove the cardboard inside the frame. Lightly sand all the corners and stains on the wood and wipe it clean.
Apply 2-3 coats of white craft paint on the front and back of the frame. (Don't forget to paint the small dowels in the back of the frame in an upright position!)
Once the white paint has dried, use a small brush and apply neon yellow paint on the outside and inside edges of the frame.
you Take your self-stick-flags, and cut the non-sticky part of the flag. Place them along the edge of the frame in the pattern you want with the glue downwards.
I knew it would be difficult to get my pieces lined up perfectly (I'm not a very precise crafter, haha!), so the wound to see, you see, is intentional.
note: I found that the self-stick glue down the tabs . . . but if you think you might come (Super Gloss is not to be used to glue things down), you can smorgasbord a layer of regular Mod, the you before the next step.
Now, get a wide brush and apply a Super-gloss formula. Brush on a thick layer of decoupage in one direction. You will be sure that the cover of the neon flags, and the sides of the frame.
while its wet strain in the vertical direction, but. I repeat . . . do not overexert! Leave the coating alone and it will self-level to a shiny coat. for a table, you use the cardboard, which you took out of the frame as a template. Trace the shape on a thin balsa wood. Cut out the square with scissors.
Paint to paint the square with at least 2 layers panel (you can leave it to cure before writing on it per the manufacturer's instructions).
RUB the side, to heal a piece of chalk over the surface "" of it. Write something fun on the Board, and pop it in your shiny and bright picture (or a photo, if you don't want to have a panel . . .).
It is hard to tell in my photos . . . but with the Super-gloss formula, you will end up with a very shiny, hard coat on its surface.
I think the Shine adds to the modern, white and bright colors for the frame. I'm glad I added the neon stripes on the side . . . the yellow color fits perfectly with the yellow self-stick tabs!
So have you embraced the neon trend? It is not difficult or expensive . . . You just have to need some of the average office and a little decoupage!

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