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DIY mouse-Pad with Scrapbook paper Mod conglomeration of rocks

You believe won’t, how easy it is to make your own mouse pad! A DIY mouse-pad is such a budget friendly project, and you can customize it as you want with your favorite scrapbook paper. You know how they do it here.
skills Required: beginner. The process is really simple – you’ll need to be able to cut paper and spread Mod smorgasbord. This is a great skill for adults, older children, teens, twenty-somethings, etc.

Hi, I’m with Courtney of crafts by Courtney. To Rocks, I’m so excited to be back at the Mod smorgasbord!! This place really ROCK! The last time I gave a makeover to a thrift store platter. This time, I came up with another super easy Mod hodgepodge project for you . . .
A DIY mouse pad. the you will believe’t, how easy it is to make your own mouse pad. you have made this project in a afternoon.
of Course, I had it in my nautical touch to my coastal writing Desk. But for those of you that don't look into the whole nautical, I have one other, with a super-cute pattern. The awesome thing about this project is that you can customize it as you want.
you can Make your Own mouse Pad
There are two parts to this DIY-mouse pad – the base and the top. In this project, the base is a cork-circle-round, which you can get from the craft store or online.
are you even at IKEA in a pack in multiples, if you have a in the vicinity. The pre-cut cork circles make it really easy to make your own mouse pad fast! You want something that is large enough to have a mouse-pad – at least 7.5″ circular.
is another option for the base, cut a circle out of cardboard. It is perhaps not as robust as the cork circle, depending on the type of cardboard you use.
keep Track of your circle on the cardboard with a plate or other round object. You’ll want to cut with a sharp knife so you have clean edges.
as far as the top of your DIY mouse-pad, you can use scrapbook paper, but you can also use fabric. For both scrapbook paper and fabric, you’ll want to choose something a little thicker, so that 1) it’s easier to Mod conglomeration, and 2) you can’t see the cork base through the surface.
Are you ready to learn how to make your own mouse pad? Keep reading!
DIY-mouse Pad with Scrapbook paper
Collect These Supplies

round cork-circle – at least 7.5″
Scrapbook paper
Mod hodgepodge gloss
acrylic paint
foam brush
- scissors

First steps
I Rounded off all my supplies, including some cool scrapbook paper, and (of course) my faithful Mod-smorgasbord!! I could wait’t to my new mouse pad!!

step 1 – Trace Out the shape of a cork
I found this cool round cork at IKEA, three in a pack for$ 2.99. It's a total bargain I’t pass it up. I traced my circle on the back of the scrapbook paper, then cut out.
If you have fabric to choose for this project, you’ll have to prepare it first to cut it easier (such as paper). You simply place the fabric down on a piece of baking paper or silicone Mat color and a layer of Mod smorgasbord of over the top. Let it air dry. You’ll be ready to trace and cut in about 30 minutes.
Quick tip: When cutting out your circle, leave a little extra hanging over the sides.
step 2 – Add Scrapbook paper
Now it’s time to get your fancy scrapbook paper! I covered the upper part of the cork and the back of the scrapbook paper with some Mod-hodgepodge. Then, I gently laid on the cork. next, I sanded the top with your fingers, blow air from popping up. Also I pressed on the pages below. the Let dry for 20 minutes.
Finally, I have the other side of the mouse pad on the same way. the I allow it to dry for 20 minutes.
step 3 – Add The multi-function bar
To my mousepad, the additional detail, I decided to add some ribbon around the edge. BUT, I didn’t the perfect color I wanted. So the next best thing . . . PAINT!! I have just had the Band painted on both sides with my choice of color. So easy to do, and it’s a little trick I all the time, if I don’t the Band that I need.
Add the ribbon to the edge of the mouse pad. I covered the Band in Mod smorgasbord and began to wrap it around the side of my mouse pad. The Mod smorgasbord holds it in place perfectly!
step 4 – Last-cut
Finally, I let everything dry for 30 minutes (just to be sure). You can use it immediately, but it feels sticky after drying, you can seal it with a brush or acrylic spray sealer.
I love that I can decoupage both sides of my DIY mouse pad – so I can change it easily for whatever mood I’m! I can go nautical, trendy, or super girly. the Sorry, honey – I’t a “manly” mousepad. You can be the whale version, I it turned out also 🙂
So, I’m seriously in LOVE with how I didn’t at the end of the pictures of the other side, but it has a really cool starfish pattern on it.
I had done my new nautical themed DIY mouse-pad in the blink of an eye. I just love it, a quick and easy project like this. And the best part, I already had all the supplies on hand.
So you run to your nearest IKEA and grab some of these cool cork. Believe me, I have more ideas I want to do with them! I’m in my new office-a complete coastal makeover!!
Another Big THANKS to Amy for me. I can wait’t to share more projects with your readers!
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