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DIY mailbox Makeover your neighbors Will Envy you

Courtney moved into a new house and there was a coastal DIY mailbox makeover with paint, Mod smorgasbord of Outdoor, and paper. It looks great!

Hi, it’s Courtney with arts and crafts by Courtney again, and today I’them m to share my NEW coastal-mailbox makeover. YAY, I’m so excited!I’m moving to a new house, and one of my first projects was picking out of my mailbox. I found a great post and mailbox, BUT I really wanted it to fit the theme of my home.Unique mailbox ideasI started the project by spray painting the mailbox with outdoor spray paint. The color was actually as Nautical! How cool is that?After that, I thought, the mailbox still needs to be something extra.began to flow My creative juices and then I came up with the idea with lining the inside. I ran to the craft store and found a couple of Outdoor Mod-smorgasbord.DIY-coastal-mailboxCollect These Supplies12 x 12 Scrapbook paper outdoor Mod PodgeFoam brush mailboxFirst stepsthat was the most difficult part is the selection, what pattern I wanted to use on the inside. For some reason, I LOVE lobster, I have no idea why. My mother thinks I’m crazy and hates my lobster in the house. She prefers the chicken . . .
So, once I decided on my pattern, I thought the Outdoor Mod collection would work perfectly, especially if no water gets into the mailbox. So let’s get crafting! step 1 – Spray Paint your mailboxI have an outdoor spray paint for my mailbox. I have a total of 3 layers and 24 hours. I didn’t you paint the inside of the mailbox.I'm going to paint my door on my mailbox! strong style="line-height: 1.5;">step 2 – Add Scrapbook paperNow it’s time to the scrapbook paper!I needed a total of four pieces of 12 x 12 scrapbook paper. They fit perfectly. I have a plane along the inner side of the mailbox, then carefully with my scrapbook paper. Once I got my scrapbook paper, I went over the inside of the mailbox with Mod-smorgasbord.I decided not to do that in the mailbox. I didn’t want to go overboard with the lobster. 😉 step 3 – Final cutI'll let the Mod smorgasbord to dry for 24 hours before the post box outside. Oh, it looks so pretty! I’m so happy about the lobster. I think that the mail carriers get a kick out of him.Now, I’ve taken my pictures, I can add my house numbers, and around places, planting my flowers to him. As you can see, we need to add to do the grass in the yard so much before. But we’ll get it done. Now I have to decide whether I want to add brick around the floor, or simply leave flowers. Any Ideas??We are in the country, so my DIY mailbox makeover stings down our country road. It will be EASY for people directions to my house. All the way down until you see, the only bright mailbox . . .hr class="wp-block-separator"/>If you enjoyed this DIY mailbox project, you can also Mod you will enjoy these other ideas with Outdoor smorgasbord:Decorate an Outdoor Tabletop with packing paper hanging herb garden with Mason JarsGarden shares of Mason Jar LidsDIY house number sign,

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