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DIY letters READ for a book Nook

These colorful and unique characters to READ for a children’ bedroom, nook, book, library, or anywhere else that people hang out and read!

I’m helping my son’s school library a new look. It’s a lot of fun and one of the first projects that I READ just finished this letter. I plan on putting up a shelf in the library.
I saw a similar look on Pinterest and I really wanted to try it to me. I’m so excited that I did, because I LOVE how they become and these colors are my favorite!
, and I really think I’m going to do this to our letters!
DIY read letters
For this craft you are going to have:
Collect These Supplies

box letter

First steps
We have these letters at Wal-Mart for a really great price! I was super excited to give you a makeover for the school’s library.
Let’s get crafting!

step 1 – Paint the letters
I took some really fun colors for our letters. Only .50 cents per bottle at Wal-Mart, a lot of it. I had a total of 3 layers to this letter (front and back). Allow each layer to dry for 5 minutes.so bright and beautiful!br>
step 2 – Choose your rope
next, I decided on my rope.
I Was debating over the rope or twine. But I decided I liked the look of the rope the best. I use it ALL the time! But cord is a good option as well.

step 3 – Add your rope
Now you&#let 8217;s our rope!
I used a push pin to start, then painted, to help on some Mod hodgepodge of my rope in place. To drag I secure the rope tightly around the letters. The Mod collection will work great to keep the rope in place.

you will See how good the look!! I can wait’t to start, decorate the library, and paste this. You’re going to look perfect.

READING These letters, would be a great addition to any book nook or the reading room, and really brighten up the room.
Now I would like to corner in my reading, and a whole new look! Hey, maybe I can integrate more, Mod smorgasbord and you write a post about it!
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