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DIY Lace Mason jars: Beautiful set up in minutes

DIY lace mason jars in less than an hour! This project is perfect to decorate for fall and goes with a variety of topics.
skills Required: Advanced beginner. You’ll need to be running to be able to spray paint or color-glass without. This usually requires a bit of prior craft experience. It’s still a relatively easy project, even with the painting.
Hello Mod conglomeration of rocks readers! Justine from Sew Country-way chick here again with a quick and fun to spruce up some old mason jars for fall.
My husband has always been kind of funny about saving our glass jars. With the mason jar craze happening, it certainly is convenient that my husband’s hoard collection hanging to experiment with. Because you never know when you might need an empty glass!
This lace mason jars are perfect to decorate for fall, and would also be fun for an elegant vintage addition to your Halloween decoration.
they took also less than an hour. The longest part of the project involved drying with the rental of spray paint. That lasts forever, if you stare at it, don’t you think?
Before we get into the top of mason jars, I wanted to tips you a few, based on questions I’ve received about this craft. These are some of the common topics that the readers ask, so hopefully this will help you as you decorate your mason jars.
Preparing the glasses for Crafts
The first thing you have to do is make sure that all labels are removed from your glasses – you’ll do with a sticker-remover. Click here to see our article with all-natural ways to remove the adhesive.
After the glue is removed, make sure the glass is clean and dry. You can wash away fingerprints and other oils with a mild soap and warm water. Some people use alcohol and cotton wool as well.
How to Paint Mason Jars
In this project I used spray paint, but you can also use acrylic to coat the paint of your glasses. Spray paint is more expensive than a bottle of acrylic paint. If you have acrylic paint, make sure the multi-interface, Email, or something that is designed for glass.
Spray Paint vs. acrylic
So what would I use – spray paint or acrylic paint? Well, I personally don’m using acrylic paint, when I’m on the inner sides of the glass painting. Paint the inner sides of the glasses is good, if you’re using faux flowers for the decoration, because you won’t no water in the glass.
Not only that, but I think painting behind glass, looks much nicer. To see it’s more difficult imperfections and gives the paint a beautiful glassy Shine at the top. After this is said . . . if I have water in my mason jars, I’ll spray painting the outer sides. It’s just faster, and I’m lazy.
With acrylic time painting is time-consuming and is only worthwhile if I’m painting the inside of a glass. Plus let’s face it, it’s hard to spray-paint the inside of a glass and you get all the cracks and crevices!
The Mod collection Should I Use?
, if I’d choose from gloss, Matt or Satin-based on the type of design that you like. With the glass, I usually use gloss Mod-hodgepodge, just because the glass is glossy, and the formula is also. But, mats, glass looks great, as well. You can decide!
Are you ready to learn how to use this project? Let’s go.
DIY Lace Mason Jars
To this project, I used:

Mod hodgepodge Matt
Black spray paint
Mason jars or recycled jars – 2
Lace trim from the hobby Shop -I trim loads of lace, I’ve accumulated from garage sales, but this peak was of Michaels

I spray my glasses painted and let them dry. then I cut strips of lace to fit the lenses to be glued and apply them with Mod-hodgepodge, with a brush, apply the Mod-hodgepodge, and finished to seal with a top coat. Easy!
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