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DIY lace crown for a Princess

Use a little trim, paint, glitter and Mod-hodgepodge, a DIY lace crown. These are perfect for a Princess party or just for dress up!skills Required: beginner. This is a very simple project, even if you don’t, in front of the craft experience. It’s relatively easy to re-size and personalize.

I don’t know much about, a Princess, a DIY lace crown is out of my wheelhouse a little bit. I grew up with four brothers, and it’was the help that my mother dressed me like a boy. I’m talking about, short hair cut, overalls, and rain boots.That’s sort the children’ uniform of the Pacific Northwest, but I think it was all blue, too. And I don’t really mind – I’m not complaining.DIY crownThere are a couple of “girly” things I think I missed as a child. One of those lace crowns, Princess party. Isn’t this DIY lace crown is wonderful? It is so easy to make with Mod-hodgepodge. And save don’t need fancy tips either – just the kind that you would get, in the trim section of your fabric.Like a crownA DIY crown is a very easy-to-craft-idea and the idea behind it is simple. You’re going to use to stiffen Mod conglomeration, the crown. In this project, we have used Mod smorgasbord of Hard coat, but you can also find other varieties as well. Glossy, Matte, Satin or fabric Mod smorgasbord just fine.would work div class="height-space">you can also use Mod hodgepodge Stiffy, if you have it available. The process will be slightly different as you first have to decide on the item that you want to use as your mold (like a bowl) and wrap with plastic wrap. You’ll then soak the tip in Stiffy and wrap it on the form and allow it to dry.is your DIY tip of the crown is more “robust” if you Stiffy. It really depends on how persistent you are and how long you want them to last. In most cases, regular Mod is hodgepodge, we go only to well.
This pearl lace crowns are simply the perfect accessory for the newborn or child photo shoot – and for a fraction of the cost, how much it is sold online, you can create one (or a few) for yourself, for photo props! You will see how easy it is, these lace crowns below.Princess crown GoldCollect These Suppliescotton laceMod hodgepodge of Hard CoatMod hodgepodge of Sparkle (optional), parchment paper, gold acrylic paintScissorsHot glue gun and glue stick flat-back pearl plastic cup step 1. You cut and measure your top. I have a plastic Cup to measure mine and wrapped it around the widest width, the it before cutting the lace.a Cup of, is If you are the obviously the crown smaller. You can use a larger item for the packaging, if you want the crowns to be larger. I wouldn’t make you huge, but that’s up to you. They should be small and sit on top of someone’s head! step 2. You are applying for Mod smorgasbord on the cut top. Do you want to do this on a non-stick surface such as parchment paper. To avoid applying a good dose of Mod-hodgepodge on both sides of the tip, and make sure you sop up the excess Mod-hodgepodge pooling on the holes in the top. Let the first layer dry. step 3. While the first coat dries, wrap the plastic shell with parchment paper. Apply a second layer of Mod-pick-and-mix to the top (after step two of the instructions), and then wrap the lace on the plastic Cup, and let it dry. To create and hold the crown shape for your peak. step 4. As soon as the DIY crown is dry, you can leave it as it is or color with the selected color. I have a gold leaf color for my crown. step 5. To beautify more your DIY lace crown, glue down some half-back pearls on the top of the crown and let them dry. If you want to, brush Mod hodgepodge mixed with glitter on the crown for a little sparkle, you can do that at this time as well. step 6. Add, finally, the crown on a headband or ribbon and you're done! Tie the ribbon under your chin, or a child’to save s chin.Now you know how to make a lace crown, you’ll want to make a bunch and decorate them in different ways. Another idea: this for a Princess birthday party and you ask the children you – decorate; I'm sure that will be a blast!

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