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DIY Confetti Christmas-gift-Wrap you the Easy way

If you do tend to take things a little last-minute-Christmas-like here’s an idea for the beautification of gift paper. This DIY is so fun and colorful!
I know, Christmas is a week away and you’'ve baked all your cookies, and stockings stuffed. But just in case, you tend to do things a little last-minute-Christmas-like here’s an idea for the beautification gift paper.
If you have noticed, haven’t, we confetti really love to be here. Confetti crafts are so easy – and it’s a bit too little paper bits that is only possible with Mod-hodgepodge. You can use all the decoupage formula, this DIY.
another thing that I love about this project is that it’s easy enough for children. If you’re young, it’s not necessarily easy to wrap gifts and make them look beautiful.
I like that you can dress up what is otherwise a simple brown paper package in just a couple of minutes, and you don’t need extensive woodworking skills to do it!

Christmas Confetti gift Wrap
this DIY confetti wrap, you’ll need:

Mod smorgasbord of Satin
Confetti {I made using the circle stamp on scraps of tissue paper}
co-ordination of the multi-function bar

Paint a strip of Mod hodgepodge about the gift. You’ll want a somewhat thin layer, as the confetti is dry to stick very easily, and you want it to, without clumping.
Then quickly sprinkle confetti over them. Repeat as often as you like, add more confetti until you have the look you want.
you Tie a beautiful bow for your Christmas gift paper, and you’re set! It looks so much more fabulous brown paper simple?

I love pretty gifts, DIY projects, and crafts!!! You can visit my blog, instagram, facebook, or twitter!For a more fun way gifts with Mod hodgepodge, take a look at this nautical-inspired DIY gift wrapping:

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