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DIY Confetti coffin-tray for Halloween

Spice up your Halloween table with DIY confetti coffin compartment! It makes the perfect decoration for your next holiday soirée. And who doesn’t love confetti?!
Hey, Hey! Jessica from The Confetti Bar, the coolest confetti shop on the block, where we believe that happiness is to be celebrated! Today I’'ve;ve got a special DIY that is perfect for your next Halloween party: a Confetti-coffin-drawer!

Halloween coffin tray
Collect These Supplies

coffin tray (I shop at Michael’s craft)
Mod smorgasbord of Hard Coat
sponge paint brush

Start by putting a little confetti in your coffin compartment. You don’t need a lot, but enough to easily cover the bottom with a single layer.
pour in a little bit of Mod collection and, with a sponge brush, all the confetti coated.
is Once coated, spread the confetti in the bowl in a thin layer.
Let them dry for a few hours.
Sprinkle another layer of confetti, and add more Mod smorgasbord on the top. Widely used again for a full second layer.
let it Dry at least over night, though, you might want to give it a couple of days to cure more completely.
Use it as a tray to serve drinks / a few on the tables as a kind of giant roller coaster and your next Halloween bash is sure to be a hit! (Psst . . . You can even use the same method for different shaped boxes and themes!)
And don’t worry, we have you covered in the whole confetti-Department in our store. You want to something special and particular? Custom confetti! You can also check out our blog for more fun (this kind of as wheel Pink Confetti Couch), and we would be happy to see you around Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest!

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