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Spice up those boring kitchen cabinets with DIY-kitchen-Cabinet hardware, you can do with Mod-hodgepodge! You can change these whenever you want to.

man Podger David has a really interesting idea for the DIY-kitchen-Cabinet-hardware. It’s a cost-effective solution if you are forced to go with the “standard” grips, you can get Depot, in a waste container on the Lowe ’s or Home.
It just goes to show that just because you are on a budget doesn’t look that your facility has, such as it is.
take a look at David’s project, and then visit the rest of the David’s Mod hodgepodge of projects.

I recently my fixer renovated-upper kitchen. I am very happy with it, but in an attempt to save a little money, that I kind of wussed out on the handles for the cabinets and went with a pretty simple, cost-effective controller. They look good, but I wanted to "would kick it up a notch" (as Emeril would say), but keep it affordable.
I wandered through the hardware store, when I saw this really large disks, the cost is .39, and my mind started percolating. For this DIY-kitchen-Cabinet-hardware you need:


disc size is up to you (they come in a vast number of sizes) – just make sure the hole fits in the middle of the screw for your knob-handle.
paper I don't have red paper, that was the right color, so I made my own, based on a kitchen blessing/poem I found; but this is the perfect place to use up the scraps of scrap paper.
Mod hodgepodge Matt
Spray paint
abrasive paper – 220 grit
X-Acto knife

step 1
Easy to sand the edges and one side of the slices. This will help the color stick to the edges and to give a little more traction for the Mod-hodgepodge later.
step 2
Spray paint the edges of the discs. Let dry.
step 3
the discs to the back of the paper, and draw cut lines to give about a half inch extra all the way.
step 4
you Use your brush on the foam and mod hodgepodge attach the paper to the side of the disc, that they raided in step 1. Use your fingers or a roller to squeeze out any air bubbles or excess Mod smorgasbord and let it dry.
step 5
Flip the slices over and give you a nice seal layer of Mod smorgasbord. This is both the paper stiffen, which makes it easier to cut around the washers and also to the finished product to clean up well (because we all know that the area is dirty around the handle for each type). This top layer, allow to dry thoroughly.
step 6
With a very sharp craft knife carefully cut around the edges of the discs. Make sure your knife is really sharp otherwise the edge is frayed a bit. Then you turn the disc over (picture side up) and cut along the edge of the hole in the middle.
step 7
they Bring to your closet and you're done.
I have this in the kitchen, but I also think this would be a good way to dress up any piece of furniture, which seem quite nice, but a little basic (I'm lookin' at you, IKEA chest of drawers!).

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