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DIY iPad case for a Dollar

This DIY iPad case started as a $1 find from the dollar store! I then decoupaged a leftover fabric scrap to the outside, putting it in a custom case.

unveiled to save A trip to the dollar to make all kinds of new surfaces that I could decoupage. There is a new Dollar tree in the area, and they have some very good stuff! One of the goodies that caught my eye was a plastic iPad case for $1 (of course).
I wanted a iPad and I have fabric stash, so the two came together, this DIY iPad case. It’s so easy and a great gift it would make. You can see how I made this lovely dollar store craft!
DIY iPad Case
Collect These Supplies height

iPad case from Dollar Tree – you have to have a variety of sizes for iPad whatever you currently!
fabric Mod hotchpotch
Satin Mod hotchpotch
fabric of your choice
- scissors
Detail scissors (was like that in the Mod-hodgepodge-tool-kit)
wax paper

I shocked that the iPad was only a dollar, at Dollar Tree! It’s a plastic hard case, and I couldn’t, you know.
I prepared my fabric using fabric Mod smorgasbord. I did this because I wanted a relatively durable and strong, water-repellent finish on the case and cloth Mod smorgasbord does exactly that.
Prepare the fabric, a middle layer of Mod hodgepodge of paint, on the fabric and let it dry. They cover an area large enough for the iPad.
I put the iPad on a wooden frame for the support and then lightly sanded so that the Mod would keep a hodgepodge of more. You only need to rough up the surface.
I wanted a Satin finish on the finished project, so that is where Satin Mod smorgasbord comes. I painted a layer of Mod smorgasbord on the iPad and then smoothed the fabric down and let them dry.
coping with the edges some of the time. I made sure to fold over the fabric would’t affect the fit of the case on my iPad, then I painted the sides to the bottom.possibly some areas for a minute or so, until you lay, and you are probably going to have to cut the corners and fold them like a gift to work them. It’s not hard.
I used to trim the detail with the scissors to the ports and areas where parts of the iPad need to come through. Detail scissors are very sharp, so I used, you plug in the camera hole (then I folded the fabric back there too). Let everything dry and then give it a few topcoats.
All is done, my friends. You now have a beautiful DIY iPad case for yourself or for a gift. Note that the Mod-hodgepodge makes the fabric slightly transparent, so if the fabric isn’t very thick, you’ll need to make sure that the iPad case is white (or matches the fabric), so that it doesn’t look crazy.
Would you ever try a DIY iPad case of your own? To listen to I’d love in the comments!

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