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DIY hot air balloons made of paper lanterns

You will learn how to lanterns, DIY hot air balloons made of paper! You’ll also use the fabric and Mod the hodgepodge. These are SO easy!

“Up, Up and away in my beautiful balloon. . . ”
do you Remember this song? I think I just seriously aged myself, because I searched for “up, up and away lyrics” and came up with a Lil’ Wayne song.
But Dimension, circa 1967. EVERY time I see a hot air balloon I to the song (and sing it for me), and apparently crafts are no exception think.
Lindsey created a ton of different hot air balloons as part of an installation for their school’s main office – and I love you all. You have to see what a genius she is . . . with lanterns, produce baskets, yarn, Mod conglomeration, and more.
These look great on display at your school, but you’d pretty cute in a children’ - in-room or nursery, too. And don't judge if I sing a few in my studio, because hot air balloons make me happy, and like I said, make me.
Visit Lindsey below for the full tutorial – there’s not to make a speech bubble with a bunting, you only sing, but also whistle!
DIY hot air balloons in The pleated poppy

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