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DIY-Holiday-plates, your guests Will Admire - Mod-hodgepodge rock

You can create this unique holiday, plates, your guests will love it – use clear glass plates from the dollar store, fabric, and Mod-smorgasbord.
Hi guys! I’m Amy from My 3 monsters and I’m thrilled to be here today. Mod smorgasbord is one of my all-time favorite decoupage media. There is NO END to what you can do! Seriously, y’all — on my blog-I have used it on everything from dressy shoes to a beverage cooler.
actually some red plaid plates-pair with the white embossed snowflake salad plates that I use every year. The only problem is . . . You can’t just up-and-buy-red checkered boards everywhere.
at Least not the way I dreamed of it, or in my budget. Undaunted, I decided to make my own out of clear glass, the plates are available in most dollar stores.
DIY Holiday plates
these decoupage plates, you need:

10″ clear glass plate — no milling or carving, just a flat glass plate
1 yard of fabric
scissors, foam brush, wax paper will work. Pencil or chalk

*note: this post was originally published in December 2014, in front of dishwasher-safe Mod hodgepodge existed. Dishwasher is what you would want to place in the Outdoor Mod collection for this project.
step 1: Lay one of your plates upside down on the fabric. With a pencil or chalk to draw a circle about 1″ wider than the plate all the way. Cut out the fabric circle. You need a circle for each plate. I was able to 8 10″ plates made out of 1 yard of fabric.
step 2: Place a plate upside down on a sheet of wax paper. Clean it thoroughly with glass cleaner and paper towels to remove any fingerprints from the glass, then a good, even coat of the Outdoor Mod hodgepodge of paint all over the back of the plate.
step 3: place a fabric circle right side down on top of the plate and gently flatten it to the plate cover, and remove any wrinkles. The fabric is awesome for this project because it has a little bit of “” so you can pull gently and stretch it to make it a little bit, cover it with a rounded surface without grooves.
With “doctor” type tool or a credit card RUB to remove the entire surface to remove air bubbles and ensure that everything is glued tight to the glass.
the plate can pick up at this point, to see how it looks from the front and make adjustments if necessary. Remember that there are no white streaks of Mod-hodgepodge, you see, dry, clear.
step 4: Paint a light, even coat of the Outdoor Mod hodgepodge over the entire rear surface of the plate and let them dry.
step 5: With a very sharp pair of scissors or an X-Acto knife, cut the excess fabric around the edge of the plate so close to the edge as possible.
color 4-5 more light layers of Mod smorgasbord on the back of the plate so that it dry 15-20 minutes between coats. Wait at least 72 hours before the plates, the Mod-hodgepodge, to set-up completely.
you will be able to eat from the plate, since all the Mod smorgasbord is on the back To clean, hand wash carefully and avoid soaking in water. Just rinse and scrub the front quickly clean, then put them upside down to dry.
These panels are definitely not for every day, you can throw them in the dishwasher, but for special occasions such as Christmas dinners I think you’re just perfect! If you don’t feel like a whole bunch of dishes that your kids could help you make a special cookie plate for Santa.
you are exactly what I had hoped for! Just a little pop of red and another fun layer of pattern into the mix for an interesting holiday table.
With a woody lighted wreath in the middle of the table and the Christmas tree lights in the next room, you’ll have the warm and cozy effect dinner by candlelight come Christmas eve!
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