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DIY house number sign with Fixer Upper Style

you can Use simple materials from the hardware store, a custom house number sign. It’s easy with your favorite scrapbook papers, paints, and Mod-hodgepodge!skills Required: Advanced beginner. You should have experience with Mod hodgepodge, since the Outdoor formula is thicker (have to work a little harder, too). To fit, you’ll also trim paper, plinths, is a little tricky. I have a difficult time figuring out which side of the street a house on. There is a rule for even or odd?I can easily to the General area where I go. However, when I finally arrive, I creep along to find out why I’ can;t find the house numbers. Sometimes there are in fives, sometimes fours . . . there are no rules it seems. Is it just me?I guess a clear house number sign, so that I can find where I’m going. Thank God that Man Podger David, and, of course, in the Free Mod smorgasbord – because she is now even with simple materials from the hardware store. Here’s David with the tutorial.—————-I live in Los Angeles, I have no GPS, and, to be honest . . . I lost get a lot.I'm always driving around hunting for the street, while they tried to keep my eyes on the road, but I'm a terrible multi-tasker.Recently, going for a walk aisles at Home Depot (it's what I do), I was inspired to see some of the house numbers, which would be fun, decorative and easily.I found this cool base-block-injection molding parts (with the really cool price of $2.78 each). There were also some inexpensive house numbers ($1.89) and a piece of wood in their left-over pile in the vicinity of the timber-cutting area.as soon As I added some scrapbook paper and Mod patchwork from my stash, I was all set. This project costs about $20 – $24 depending on how many numbers are in your address book. Here’s how this house number plaque is made. DIY house number plaqueCollect These SuppliesOutdoor Mod PodgePlinth molding house NumbersScrap wood cut, to size and are painted white (not shown), scrapbook paper brush spray Sealer (not shown)screw drill and drillCut the scrapbook to fit the paper, the raised section on the base. A simple way to do this is by using tissue paper is a template. Place the tissue paper on the top side of the base, and RUB a pencil on the edges. Glue the tissue paper to the back of the scrapbook paper and cut them out. After the paper is cut, bring the base with Outdoor Mod-smorgasbord. you have your house number on a sign dry for about 45 minutes, and then you seal the paper with Outdoor Mod-hodgepodge. At this time it was too late, so I let the project dry overnight. Put the numbers on the bases, and you space, as you would show you. Drill holes, then fasten included the numbers with the screws in the kit.Fix the number of blocks to the piece of wood by screws from the rear.see For a little extra protection (for the MDF base and scrap wood), seal of the house number plaque with a few thin layers of spray-on polyurethane (note below).I put the house number sign on my fence (in the back). you can Now find people of my house . . . even if I can't find her! It fits really well with my farmhouse-style. To know I’d love this project, what do you think in the comments. notes: I live in Los Angeles, where rain and snow are not too much importance. My pedestals are made of MDF, but if I was in a weather-prone area, I would choose to contribute to the maple wood base. It costs only $3.80 and would hold better!hr class="wp-block-separator"/>If you like this house number sign, I’d love for you to check out these other projects:photo Transfer Family Name center piece light house bird Feeder from PotsCoastal mailbox MakeoverHow to Make photos vases

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