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DIY Halloween magnets Shaped Like pumpkins!

This DIY Halloween magnets are shaped like pumpkins! They are easy to make, and I love your silly faces and nail.

Yay! I’ve been waiting for Halloween crafting-official-or-not-be-officially in swing. Who am I kidding? I love Halloween all year round! man Podger Walter has magnets with some cute little DIY Halloween punkin, you can quickly make as small gifts for the Halloween-lovin’ friends.He’s go to the list (and more) in his Etsy shop later today, if you’d prefer to buy than make. In the meantime, check out the instructions below, straight from Walter.————-

This project is to create adaptable and fun. This tutorial shows you how to make a jack o’ - lantern magnets. I see a lot of pictures, for Halloween, popping up in the craft supplies, and I spent to illustrate the whole weekend of fun “Halloween” pictures.But don’t fret if you can draw’t . . . use scrapbooking paper cupcake liners, stickers, stencils, etc.  Or you can cut triangles and a mouth and decoupage to your joy. A little imagination, effort and time is all you need, these Halloween magnets!
My favorite time of the year is Halloween. I am fascinated by the images and colors . . . these high-quality magnets, and passing it off as dealt with. Trick or Treat? I’ll take a Treat!

How to make Halloween magnetsfor Some basic supplies and tools you will need for this project:Mod hodgepodge gloss folkart paint (I used pumpkin), Small pieces of wood 2″ x 2″ x 1/2″PencilMod hodgepodge Tool SetDrill Press3/4″ Forstner Bit3/4″ magnetic industrial GlueTape measure or RulerAwlPhilips head screw driver scissors and/or craft knife black or green wireChopstick or thin dowelHalloween pictures (if you print on an ink-jet printer, spray the pictures with clear acrylic sealer before Mod Podging, or the ink will smudge) step One: Prime and Decoupage• Prime 2″ x 2″ x 1/2″ wood with FolkArt paint (225 pumpkin).

• Let dry for 15 minutes! Then decoupaging start according to your wishes. I think that this is the perfect time to seal with Mod-smorgasbord. step 2: drill (OPTIONAL)A: Use a ruler and measure from one corner to the opposite corner. Repeat on the other side – you should get a “x.”

B: Take the AWL and press the “X” make a pilot hole.

C: Align the back of the MAGNET with the 3/4″ Forstner Bit.

D: drill! The magnet was in this indentation.

This step is optional, but I do it because I'm a perfectionist, and the target for the quality. In this step, lend to a stable and secure fit, and looks polished as well.

If you do not stick to the time, or the drill, the magnet on the back with industrial epoxy. step 3: Make a stem and VineA: Take a Cup hook and with two pairs of pliers, manipulate the shape (see photo).

B: Mark the TOP of the jack o’ lantern, where the stem will be attached.

C: Use the AWL and press firmly, a hole.

D: Take a chopstick or thin dowel and wrap the wire around it. This is the vine. step 4: Assemble: Layout of the stem, vines, and 3/4″ Magnetic• Place a small drop of industrial glue in the cavity and on the magnet. You don’t need a lot of glue! Press with the thumb, in order to ensure that the magnet is nested. step 5: installation of the (stem and Vine)you can Wrap the vines (wire) to the bottom of the Cup hooks. Screw the Cup hook into the pilot hole that you made. Tip: I've bent with a rusty roof nail that was to the side. Add a small DAB of glue in the hole and set the nail. Wrap the wirevine around the nail
My Halloween magnets are complete! I think I'm going to one of the name “Trick” and the other “Deal!” These cute jack o’ - lanterns make a statement, the family, the ice-box or refrigerator. To present it’s also a good possibility, children’ type.you Want some more Halloween posts? Check out these other projects:

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