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DIY Halloween canvas art with buttons

EASY to make Halloween canvas art with buttons! This wall art project is so simple that even a child could do it. Perfect Halloween Decor!

you know, Halloween is my favorite holiday, so I had to do my part to contribute to the crafty projects out there. I wanted to hang a door and I wanted to use the buttons – this canvas is what I came up with. I’m tickled pink (I mean purple, orange and black).
; m thinking that I should do one for Christmas, but we’re not even there yet, right? Here’s how I hang these beautifully.
Halloween Canvas Art
Collect These Supplies

Square canvas – mine is a 12″ x 12″
FolkArt acrylic paint – Titan
Mod hodgepodge gloss
Cardstock – 1 sheet purple
keys – black and orange mix
craft glue
Felt – White; 1 piece of black
scissors or craft knife and mat
Sharpie – Ultra Fine in Black
Band – Black, at least 50″
Sizzix Big Shot and Bats #3 Die – if you don’t have a die cutter, then hand-cut some bat shapes

immerse yourself in my button am a life’s small pleasures. As you can see, I moved from a pile of orange and black buttons in various sizes. I was know-how’t, how many I wanted to use, so that I make sure that I had a few. Set aside.
Here’s my square canvas. The only reason that I’m showing you this picture is to mention that you probably won’t want to go smaller than 12″ x 12″ because it will be difficult to get your buttons in a wreath – especially if you have larger buttons. You can go bigger, if you want to.
Cut to fit your purple paper and place in the canvas. I think I went a little over an inch on all sides, so, that would make my paper a little under 10 cm square Place your paper on the page.
Paint your canvas white. This isn’t mandatory, but if you like the feel of the canvas, it’s very structured without the use of paint. I always prepare coat a canvas with paint, even if it’know. Paint helps out to flatten it. And I get nervous when a canvas isn’t painted – strange quirk.
you pick up your Mod collection and distribute it to the canvas, in a medium level. Make sure that your purple paper in the vicinity.
to Quickly place your paper down onto the canvas, and smooth, smooth, smooth. The great thing about canvas is that it is flat, so that you can smooth from the front and rear. Wipe Mod hodgepodge that comes out of the sides. Let it dry for 15 – 20 minutes.
you may notice in this picture that the color of my paper has changed. Yep! I messed up the first time around. My paper was kattywompus on the canvas, so that either the canvas was’t just or my vision wasn’t. Hmmm. I cut a new piece of paper and Podged it down, then the 15 – wait; 20 minutes.
Once it’s is dry, spread a layer over the entire canvas. Let dry.
Whee, buttons!! This is the part that takes some time and little set. Grab your keys and put them in a circle on the purple paper. You’ll, replacing small buttons with the larger, somewhat moving, your wreath will look more round and then switch positions.
you’ll get it eventually! If you are position satisfied with their buttons, glue them with craft glue.
My canvas needed a little something extra, so I took my Sharpie and a couple of “seams” the paper, and then in the corners. You may want to use a ruler to help you. I had.
As a final touch, cut your bats out of felt (either with your die cutter or by hand) and then glue them to your wreath. Let them dry before you display it.

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