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DIY Hanging herb garden with Mason Jars

Bring nature inside with these easy hanging herb garden glasses made with mason. The vintage seed packets will add a farm to the touch!
My friend Geralyn is an excellent cook and fresh ingredients are key, but space is limited.
recently, a mason, discovered jar herb garden on Pinterest and asked if I could make a vertical version for your. It proved to be a fun and fairly simple project.
you and I decided that it would be cool to decorate the hanging herb garden with the vintage packages, so I whipped up a quick design and went to work.

Hanging herb garden

1x4x6 pine Board for the supporters
short lengths of scrap wood (3.5″) for shelves
quart-size, wide mouth mason jars (3)
Matt Mod hotchpotch
metal Band (to strap hot water heaters in place – check the plumbing Department)
tin snips
white color

I have a board, the edges of the backer and the shelves a quick coat of white paint and went to work on my seed packet collage.
I pulled the images from Dover Publications, The Graphics Fairy, and a great new (for me) I discovered the blog, I, as the Old Design Shop.
I used Photoshop to layer images, but the same thing have been done in MS Word.
I made the design just a bit wider than the board, to give me some space.game br>you Could have each image individually, but you save a bit of time, I printed it in larger sections, and Mod Podged into place with Matte Mod smorgasbord.

After everything was dry I trimmed the edges, and sealed it with two coats of Outdoor Mod-smorgasbord.
Fasten shelves and Mason Jars
The original plan, only with the metal Band to hold the glasses in place. I was a little nervous, so I made a test with a Mason glass filled with paint and it held very well. But for a bit more security, I also have the small shelves.
I have found where the glasses would go and drilled the holes for the shelves, and screwed them into place from the back.
I cut piece of the metal Band a bit longer than I thought I would need, and made sure that, if they were wrapped around the glass, two holes were there available to me on both sides.
in the outermost hole then wrapped the tape tightly around the mason jar, and screwed, in the other the outermost hole. Then I put the screws in the inner holes of the tape securely in Position.

I repeated the maneuver with the other glasses and I was done.

notes and Further thoughts on my Hanging herb garden

Outdoor Mod smorgasbord is great, but it takes a while until it is completely dry – build in their planning
Smaller jars for smaller herbs can also be used if you wanted to Hang more variety
With a wider Board, you might have the glasses for both 1) tumbling and more of them, and 2) make it easier to get
. My pictures have leaning against the garden wall. In the case of Geralyn’s place we’ll find, if we want to, screw it in place, or hang it from the D-hooks
The plants: Geralyn assured me that the stones in the bottom of the glass for a sufficient drainage to keep the plants alive – I will update here if I find that isn’t the case,
Geralyn’s garden hanging on an interior wall. If this is a garden, I would also coat the back of the Board with a waterproof sealant

As always, I’ll be monitoring the post and if you have any questions, don’feel free to t to.
And if you’re keen to see more of my DIY adventures, please swing by my blog Cheltenham Road or in my Etsy Shop.

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